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Indium Software to Develop More IPs and QA Space

SrikanthIndium Software, a renowned name in technology solutions companies with deep expertise in Digital and QA services has been serving a wide range of customers from several industries including Banking, Technology, Healthcare, Life sciences, Retail and Education. Indium Software’s Digital Solutions focus on offering Data Engineering Services, Advanced Analytics, Application Development (Full Stack & Mobile) and Low-Code Development services to its clients. While talking with Nitisha from BISinfotech, Srikanth Manoharan, SVP, QA solutions, Indium Software shares his plans on investing in R&D to develop more IPs in the Digital and QA space.

1. Kindly share the growth journey of Indium Software from QA to Digital Services to Product IP.

Indium has been a forerunner in the QA space for almost 2 decades, we have been a “quality custodian” for many customers, and we continue to do so. We stay ahead of competition through constant innovation in our services and offerings. As the industry began to take new avatars like Digitization, Digitalization and recently Digital transformation, Indium launched solutions to aid in this transformational journey. One of the strong success factors is our product IPs, both on the QA and Digital front, which attract many customers as it gives bespoke and ready-to-deploy solutions. IPs –  uphoriX – Smart Test Platform and – Text Analytics Product.

2. What is the role of QA in digital transformation? How QA contributes/ benefits the digital transformation objectives?

Be it IT or Manufacturing, QA always gets paramount importance in any field, though it is termed differently e.g. QA, QC etc. In the digital world, we are making systems smarter, intelligent, powerful and resilient. This has led to transformation in development methodology too e.g. Waterfall to Agile, Monolithic architecture to Microservices architecture, Bare metal to Cloud, DevOps, DevSecOps and the list goes on. In digital development, there has been a huge absorption of open source into development, developers have zillions of reusable codes and frameworks available, the quality of such open source are not guaranteed unless we put them in proper testing. We are also seeing the advent of “Low Code” platforms like “Mendix & Claris” to build applications. These applications pose challenges of a different kind. This makes QA an indispensable part of digital transformation.

3. How was the year 2020 in terms of business and what will be your marketing strategy for the upcoming year?

December 2020 was possibly the best one we have had. Indium signed on nearly 30 new customers between April and September, a 11% increase from a 2019. A significant portion of this was in Q2, post July 2020.

The ongoing pandemic has hamstrung most of us. Sales Leaders and Marketing Leaders across industries are immobile. NO – events, meet-ups, in-person meetings, travels, luncheons, etc.

There are many interesting things on the digital marketing front that we focus on to help increase traffic and generate more inbound demand.

  • Keyword Optimization – We optimize on-page and off-page SEO. Ranking for long-tail keywords, which tend to have high conversion rates, is vital in the quest for maximum inbound traffic.
  • Content Repurpose – To complement SEO efforts and generate traffic, we create content on a large-scale, repurpose it for multiple channels.
  • Reference Platforms – Then, there’s branding content, which is vital to enhancing a brand’s online and offline image.
  • Digital Adaption – We have been utilizing this time to analyze historic data from Google Analytics, CRM, SM handles, and other sources to initiate new marketing campaigns

We regularly update our marketing collateral and other resources, optimize UI/UX and ensure the right message is conveyed to the target customers.

4. Kindly share Indium’s Business vision for India and global market.

We clearly see that IP based solutions deliver tremendous value to our customers. We will invest heavily in R&D to develop more IPs in the Digital and QA space.

Our presence is predominantly in the US Market and India. We plan to diversify and increase our business in UK, Europe and APAC in the coming years.

We, as an organization have learned to set the bar high in terms of benchmarks. From a revenue standpoint, we plan to grow at 40% CAGR for the next 2-3 years given the tailwinds the technology industry is seeing.

5. Kindly explain the digital transformation testing journey.

In terms of QA , the way organizations should stay abreast with the dynamic nature of the digital transformation journey by adopting a transformation in the Quality space as follows:

  • Quality Assurance (QA): These are our traditional testing methods which still are relevant in some cases.
  • Quality Engineering (QE): Testing the code as white box, early in the development stage using Automation along with Devops.
  • Intelligent Quality (IQ): Measurement driven assessment using code instrumentation, AI based prediction on failures to become proactive rather than reactive.

6. During the lockdown and given the pandemic situation how Indium Software performed?

We have been fortunate that a large segment of our customers did well in 2020. There was an air of caution and “wait & watch” mode during the April to June 2020 period. Post that and as the Work from Remote and New Normal’s settled in, we have seen a resumption to pre-Covid levels of business activity and IT projects by our clients. There are few cases impacted negatively but by and large we have not seen any major disruption to our business, which helped us grow over 30% in 2020.

7. Latest announcement for the year 2021?

We are targeting to do $30 million in revenue by 2021. As mentioned previously, we will invest heavily in R&D to develop more IPs in the Digital and QA space. We plan to diversify and increase our business in UK, Europe and APAC. From a revenue standpoint, we plan to grow at 40% CAGR for the next 2-3 years given the tailwinds the technology industry is seeing.


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