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Indium Specialist to Present on TIMs at SEMI-THERM

Lazić will also give a vendor presentation on The Power of m2TIMs.

Indium Corporation’s product development specialist, Miloš Lazić will be presenting his industry knowledge on metal thermal interface materials (TIMs) in high-performance applications at SEMI-THERM, March 21-25, San Jose, Calif., U.S.

Indium Specialist TIMs
Miloš Lazić, Product Development Specialist, Indium Corporation

As polymeric TIMs are reaching physical limits relative to thermal conductivity, there is a need for higher-performing materials.

Metal TIMs will play a critical role in addressing this need.

In this presentation, Lazić will discuss the needs of several package styles as well as some specialized systems. Through the discussion of their heat dissipation challenges, he will provide data on how specially-designed metal TIMs could be part of that solution.

Because there are widely divergent needs for TIMs, five categories of metal TIMs technology are available to address sub-sets of these needs.

A detailed review of these material categories, performance attributes, and key assembly parameters will be discussed, enabling the attendee to make intelligent decisions on when to consider metal TIMs and which category of metal TIM might be the most appropriate for a given application.

Lazić will also give a vendor presentation on The Power of m2TIMs.

Solid-liquid hybrid (SLH) TIMs are a combination of metals that are solid at room temperature with those that are liquid at room temperature. These materials are separated into two categories: m2TIMs™ (liquid metal with solid metal preforms) and hybrid liquid pastes.

In this presentation, Lazić will show that adding solid metal to liquid metal can improve the properties of TIMs. That type of “leakage-free” TIM (none of the material will pump out) will be less prone to oxidation and will be able to survive a larger number of thermal cycles.

Overall, thermal conductivity will be higher due to the higher conductivity of solid metals. Lazić will show how different types of solid metals in m2TIMs™—solder preforms, compressible TIMs, and reinforced matrixed solder composites (preforms with a copper matrix)—can be used in different TIM applications.

He will show which type of m2TIMs are recommended for different types of TIMs: TIM1, TIM2, and TIM1.5 (or TIM0). Finally, he will show which kind of automated process for high-volume production is best suited for each of these m2TIMs™.

Lazić provides technical support, including guidance and recommendations to customers related to process steps, equipment, techniques, and materials.

In addition, he delivers technical training to staff and industry partners. Lazić attended the University of Nis, School of Electronic Engineering, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and master’s degree (M. Eng.) in electronic engineering.


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