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Indium to Feature Precision Gold Solutions at Space Tech Expo

Indium Corporation has declared to feature its high-reliability, precision gold solder solutions for critical applications during Space Tech Expo from Oct. 6-8 at Long Beach, Calif.

Indium Aerospace and military applications require materials with exacting tolerances that perform well under the most extreme conditions.

From the 1960s through today, Indium Corporation has contributed significantly to the U.S. Space program. During the inaugural moonwalk, Indium Corporation’s materials were used to seal the containers that brought rocks back from the moon’s surface. Since then, the company’s materials have been used in moon missions, Mars missions, and satellite technology.

Indium Corporation continues to innovate materials science to develop a suite of leading-edge materials and technology solutions for the challenges of today with an eye to those of the future.

Indium Corporation’s AuLTRA 75 is an off-eutectic AuSn preform solution (75Au/25Sn) designed to improve intermetallic reliability in applications using a die with a thicker gold plating, such as a GaN die used for high-frequency, high-power RF power amplifier devices for 5G and other critical military and aerospace wireless communications.

AuLTRA 75 helps improve the operation of these critical technologies by offering a lower gold content, allowing for the absorption of gold from the die, and thereby ensuring a strong solder bond. It also delivers:

  • Improved wetting and voiding
  • Adjustment of the final solder joint composition


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