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Indo Wings Unveils India’s Most Advanced Drone Cyber One

Indo Wings has introduced Cyber One, India’s most advanced drone with a 360-degree radar sensor, 30x zoom camera, and over 65 mins of flying time with the top speed of 80-100km/h.

ndo WingAdditionally, its night vision camera, artificial intelligence-based, one-touch flight makes it one of the most unique technologies ideal for monitoring and mapping in various sectors like gas leakage detection in oil and gas refineries, pipeline inspection, solar energy farm thermal mapping, forest mapping, roads and railways, mining and agricultural mapping.

Speaking about the overall launch, Paras Jain, Founder, and CEO, Indo Wings (Audra Group) shares, ‘’this advancement intents to assist all kinds of government and private agencies for disaster management in any possible vertical. Cyber One is at par with any global tool in the field of drones. In coming times, we shall see a rise in utility and also technological advancement to provide solutions Worldwide with our innovations’’

Indo Wings has showcased state-of-the-art solutions for managing emergencies during natural disasters at the Drone International Expo at the 6th International Police Expo in New Delhi.

Indo Wings is a part of ‘Audra Group’ and Paras Jain, Founder, and CEO, Indo Wings(Audra Group) has always believed in innovation and with his expertise and years of international experience, has curated an end-to-end solution for various industries to micro manage without labor exertion and excessive time investment.

They have also commenced the production of the ‘Cyber One UAV’, which comes with a series of versatile payloads such as the public address system, day and night vision cameras, spotlighting, lidar sensors, etc.

Besides it has world-class features like triple failsafe redundancy wherein the aircraft auto-returns to “Home” and Lands. The system smartly activates in events such as communication failure, low battery, battery imbalance, high wind speed, and exceeding temperature limit of the system, keeping the UAV safe from any mishaps.


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