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IndustrialML Partners with one to ONE Holdings

IndustrialML has extended its partnership with one to ONE Holdings with the purpose of offering exclusivity on resale rights within the secondary steel processing industry.

one to ONE Holdings is the holding company of Japan’s Daiwa Steel Tube Industries, and the main investor in IndustrialML. They specialize in providing technologies for galvanized steel tubing products, used for scaffolding, greenhouses, and other construction.

IndustrialML uses machine learning to make factories smarter – their platform allows the gathering of data from multiple sources to help factories understand their production status better. They integrate real-time monitoring, machine vision, and advanced analytics applications to deliver actionable insights to operators and engineers.

The partnership expansion means that IndustrialML can devote the entirety of their technical resources to the development of their platform for the secondary steel market, in which one to ONE Holdings is heavily involved. The partnership was previously established on the premise of the steady development of IndustrialML with one to ONE Holdings as a direct customer, but the expansion creates a closer relationship whereby they can penetrate the manufacturing market on a broader scale.

There are two key changes in the expansion, which both companies hope will enable greater market penetration. Firstly, the amount of revenue from one to ONE Holdings will increase. Secondly, rather than IndustrialML relying on a direct sales model, they will use their partnership with One to One Holdings for distribution of their platform.

IndustrialML and one to ONE Holdings want to demonstrate the value that visualization, alerting, and reporting through machine learning can have. The variety of analyses that machine learning provides is ever-growing, leading to more valuable insights.

“I have felt for a long time that the best pathway for the growth of an industrial IoT platform in manufacturing is to work closely with a manufacturer,” says Arjun Chandar, CEO of IndustrialML. “I am now excited to be able to do that more closely, so that our platform is perfectly set up to expand in both secondary steel and in new markets in the next couple of years.”

Shin Nakamura, President of one to ONE Holdings, adds: “We have a shared goal of wanting to make the future of manufacturing more effective and meaningful, and this is why we complement each other so well. Across the two teams, we are virtually working together from Singapore, Vietnam, India, Japan, and the US, and this shows the power of perseverance in spite of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”


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