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Infineon Announces New Generation of CoolSET Family

Infineon 700 V/800 V CoolSET 5th generation combines a PWM controller IC with the latest 700 V and 800 V CoolMOS P7 MOSFETs in a single package.

Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies announces the fixed frequency 700 V/800 V CoolSET 5th generation. The solution combines a PWM controller IC with the latest 700 V and 800 V CoolMOS P7 MOSFETs in a single package. The single platform supports isolated and non-isolated flyback topologies.

The New Fixed Frequency 700 V/800 V CoolSET:

  • Uses a high voltage Superjunction MOSFET in combination with an internal current regulator in a cascode configuration.
  • This combination provides rapid startup, and easy implementation of brown in protection.
  • The integrated 800 V MOSFET and optimized leading edge blanking time support high AC line inputs up to 350 VAC.
  • Switching losses are reduced through an eco-mode which features a reduced switching frequency at mid and light load conditions.
  • In addition to the standard output short, overload and over voltage protection, the CoolSET can detect abnormal line input conditions.
  • In-system protection includes VCCand CS pin short-to-ground to prevent controller damage during abnormal startup conditions.
  • Over temperature protection uses hysteresis to improve operational fault handling. All protection modes are implemented with auto-resume to minimize interruptions to system operation.


The complete Fixed Frequency 700 V and 800 V CoolSET 5th generation product portfolio is available now. The integrated CoolSET devices are available in DIP-7 and DSO-12 and the standalone fixed frequency PWM controller is available in a DSO-8 package.

Further info: Click here and Click here


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