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Infineon Demonstrates Secured Authentication Using FIDO2 on Microsoft Windows at the RSA Conference 2018

Infineon will demonstrate the chip-based hardware reference design in its booth (4523) this week at RSA Conference 2018.

Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies is showcasing its FIDO2 reference design-a design based on the security certified SLE 78 chip, as an authentication token for logging on to the Azure Active Directory joined device.

FIDO2, based on specifications developed by the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance, provides a framework for easy-to-use authentication. It allows protection from being phished, replayed or revealed through server breach attacks.

“Inadequate password protection is recognized as a factor in the majority of attack-related data breaches across both business and consumer computing environments,” said Joerg Borchert, Vice President of the Chip Card & Security Division at Infineon Technologies Americas Corp. “The FIDO authentication ecosystem is already helping web service providers and corporations meet the challenge of secured authentication. With FIDO2 we envision that safe log-in and web access will accelerate.”

Infineon Technologies is the co-founder of the FIDO Alliance and the leading supplier of hardware-based security chips to publicly demonstrate a reference design for FIDO2. The design uses the Infineon SLE 78 security controller: It is the only single-chip solution on the market that integrates a USB and NFC interface, which is suited for use in both USB and USB/NFC token designs. The security controller is equipped with Infineon Integrity Guard, which features robust digital mechanisms to protect secret data, highly sophisticated error detection and countermeasures against chip-level attacks.

“Windows Hello is paving the way towards a password-less future, and today we are pleased to introduce Windows Hello security keys,” said Dave Bossio, Group Program Manager at Microsoft. “Our collaboration with Infineon allows these FIDO2 based security keys to securely roam user credentials using the same trusted technology that Infineon has been delivering to Windows devices for well over a decade.”

New authentication capabilities of FIDO2 will be featured as part of a Google and Microsoft panel session at the RSA 2018 Conference in San Francisco on April 20. The session will include demonstrations and detail the adoption of FIDO2 as a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standard.

Infineon will demonstrate the chip-based hardware reference design in its booth (4523) this week at RSA Conference 2018.

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