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Infineon Offers IPOSIM with Automated Lifetime Estimation

Customers can access Infineon's power electronics expertise online 24/7, as often as needed during the design process.

Infineon Technologies AG has recently started offering new features in Infineon Power Simulation platform (IPOSIM) that is used for calculating losses and thermal behavior of power modules, discrete and disc devices.

Infineon IPOSIM Lifetime EstimationThe platform provides easy access to analysis for single working points and user-defined load profiles.

For industrial customers, estimating the lifetime of power modules is gaining more importance in the early design stage of power electronics systems. This is especially challenging for small and medium-size companies as they lack the resources to set-up and run suitable simulations.

To support these companies, Infineon’s IPOSIM platform now also offers a new premium feature, an automated service that allows easy lifetime estimation of components according to usage and application requirements.

Infineon’s IPOSIM Lifetime Estimation is an industry-first service that provides online access to the lifetime estimation algorithm and Infineon’s unique expertise to simplify the design process.

Customers can access Infineon’s power electronics expertise online 24/7, as often as needed during the design process.

The user-friendly GUI is developed to guide designers in a step-by-step process through the simulation with power devices.

A total of nineteen topologies for discs and modules are available, grouped by power conversion type. In addition, the platform allows the multi-selection of up to five Infineon products for performance comparison. The finished designs can be saved and shared via deep-link.

With these features, the platform assists in selecting the most suitable high-power products according to the application’s requirements. It can also reduce the time required to set up and perform lifetime estimations and reduce overall development costs.

Also, the Lifetime Estimation service, with its highly reliable simulation results, optimizes product sizing, reduces the bill of materials (BOM), and provides faster time-to-market.

The Lifetime Estimation service starts with one of the most commonly used topologies in the power electronics design: a module-based three-phase two-level inverter. Other topologies will also be added soon.

Users can select the Infineon power module to be simulated with the configured modulation algorithm and load type. Specific mission profiles can either be inserted via a CSV file or with displayed tables.

Finally, the specific cooling conditions and gate resistance values will need to be added.


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