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Infineon Technologies Pioneers New LED Driver IC

Infineon Technologies has introduced new LED driver IC, ILD8150/E. It features an innovative hybrid dimming mode technology for achieving 0.5 percent of the target current. With its supply voltage range from 8 V DC up to 80 V DC, the driver IC provides a high safety voltage margin for applications operating close to safe extra-low voltage (SELV) limits. The driver IC is ideally suited for general and professional LED lighting applications with high dimming requirements.

Infineon TechnologiesThe Key Features of the ILD8150/E includes:

  • Input voltage ranging from 8VDC to 80VDC
  • Up to 1.5A average output current
  • Efficiency values of more than 95%
  • Maximum duty cycle up to 99%
  • Up to 2 MHz switching frequency
  • Soft-start
  • PWM dimming input with 250Hz to 20kHz PWM dimming frequency
  • Analog dimming 100 to 12.5%
  • Hybrid dimming 12.5 to 0.5% with 3.4kHz flicker-free modulation
  • Dim-to-off
  • Adjustable max. output current via shunt resistor
  • Typical 3% output current accuracy
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Pull-down transistor to avoid LED glowing in dim-to-off
  • DSO-8 with exposed pad for higher thermal performance

The Major Applications of the device include:

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