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Infineon to Demonstrate Innovation at CES 2020

Infineon Technologies will demonstrate innovations in semiconductor-based products that help connect the real and the digital world.

Safe and secure connections are built around advanced sensor technologies, dependable computing, hardware-based security, and highly efficient power semiconductors.

At CES 2020, Infineon will show critical building blocks used in the consumer and automotive industries to make the Internet of Things and big data revolution possible.

Smarter, cleaner and safer automotive solutions at the Westgate Pavilion booth #1700

Intelligent and efficient automobile fleets are part of the smart cities of tomorrow. With decades of experience and an ecosystem of industry partners, Infineon is helping to create the personal transportation infrastructure of the 21st century.

Component and system demonstrations will include compact, high-performance radar modules and lidar components to support advanced driver assist systems and increasing levels of autonomy, sensor fusion technologies to seamlessly blend data from all sensor systems, in-vehicle gateways and vehicle-to-X communication technologies as well as security technologies to assure software validity and guard against attempted attacks.

Furthermore, Infineon will show power conversion modules and battery management systems for electrification of auto power trains, in-cabin innovations, including smart wireless charging and sensor systems to monitor driver alertness and passenger presence, and intelligent lighting solutions that improves visibility for drivers and make vehicles more visible to others.

Sensors for consumer products and security innovations at the Venetian Toscana ballrooms 3706 and 3707

Intuitive sensing

Sensor technologies capture information about the world and enable new types of human-machine interfaces.  With innovations based on radar, infrared camera imaging, MEMs microphones and pressure sensors, Infineon and its partners are creating smart environments, from personal health trackers to smart homes, smart buildings, factories and cities.

Connectivity and data storage

With the transition to 5G wireless communications, compact and efficient power supplies let data flow where and when it’s needed to provide fast, affordable connectivity between things and people. From the telecom server to wireless chargers and large-scale data storage systems, Infineon chip technologies are the key to keeping always-on information “always on” in the age of big data.

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