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Infineon Unveils New Certified NFC Type 4B Tag

Infineon Technologies AG enables seamless connectivity by providing handset manufacturers with reference tags for interoperability testing with all types of internationally standardized NFC protocols.

Infineon Technologies

The company introduced NFC reference tags based on the SECORA Pay security solution. The NFC tags have been successfully approved under the NFC Forum Certification Program which further confirms their compliance with the Type 4A Tag and the Type 4B Tag.

Furthermore, the Type 4B Tag is the first product worldwide certified by the NFC Forum that supports the contactless Type B protocol.

So far, NFC tags have been generally limited to use cases where security is not deemed to be critical – such as sharing URLs or exchanging business cards. However, they offer a host of benefits beyond general information sharing, and can also be combined with security-critical payment applications. Their appeal is further increased by native support among a growing number of smartphone operating systems.

Users can activate services via NFC connectivity without having to open an app, and thus instantly connect their mobile handset to e.g. smart devices like wearables or access shared services such as street scooters. This intuitive connectivity makes every day digital transactions easier for consumers – without compromising on security.


The NFC reference tags are based on Infineon’s SPA1.1 module, a new innovative packaging solution. The Type A and Type B NFC tags are available in pairs and can be sourced online via Infineon’s security partner Universal Smart Card.

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