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Infosys with ECNU and Renmin University launches Data Science Joint Lab


Soon after the appointment of Infosys’s CEO Vishal Sikka as an Advisory Professor at East China Normal University, Infosys has announced its partnership with ECNU and Renmin University of China (RUC) and launched ‘Data Science Joint Lab’ (DSJL). The lab will be situated in the ECNU Campus in Shanghai, and will be open to students majoring in computer science.

The DSJL will emphasis on research and development of commercial solutions in the areas of data science and big data analytics. With this joint initiative, Infosys, ECNU and RUC, will offer students in China an opportunity to learn new technologies, skills and encourage them to innovate to discover new ways to utilize big data.

Vishal Sikka, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys said, “Our notions of enterprise applications have become limited over the years. It is time for a rethink.  As almost all major industries get disrupted by the data sciences and associated technologies, it is time to build great, intelligent and adaptive applications, in unprecedented new areas of business. Especially, the purposeful ones – the ones that move us forward, as they help bring to life the power of data and software to transform our world and our lives. The ECNU – RUC – Infosys Data Science Joint Lab will pursue this mission.”

The launch of this joint lab is a part of Infosys’ strategy to discover fresh areas of innovation, by bringing students in the IT industry together to follow a passion for lifelong learning and to solve difficult business problems faced by businesses. Further, through this new joint lab, Infosys will carry out data science associated workshops and teaching activities, support research leading to innovations in the use of big data, and cultivate talent, which will in turn contribute to the social and economic development of China, the press release states.

Professor Aoying Zhou, the Dean of Data Science and Engineering Institute, ECNU said, “We are delighted to partner with Infosys on industry-relevant research in data science through this lab. Big data is undoubtedly going to play a significant role in the future of innovation and we are excited to work closely with Infosys and RUC to build and establish a best-in-class big data research lab in a few years.”

Professor Xiaoyong Du, the Dean of Information Institute, RUC said, “The establishment of this joint lab has a profound impact on multiple aspects. From the perspective of science, data science is now a hot topic for research and we have high expectations of the research results of the joint lab. In addition to this, China and India are both Asian countries and the two largest developing countries in the world, and we have long history in mutual cooperation. The joint effort in research into data science and education will instill new energy into the mutual cooperation between the two countries. The joint lab is not only limited to conducting theory research, it will also focus on how to apply theory into practice and technical solutions.”



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