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InfraGuard Allies with Cloud Comrade to Deliver Automated Cloud Managed Services has collaborated with Singapore based Cloud Comrade, bringing a new era of Platform-backed Managed Services with in-built automation and self-governance features. Singapore-based Cloud Comrade is one of the first partners to adopt this new way of working.

InfraguardInfraGuard’s CEO, Deepak Sharma said, “InfraGuard is built by converging our decade-long experience in Cloud Managed Services into a single product. Imagine a server management solution that works seamlessly across all Cloud Providers & Data Centres and supports all flavors of Windows & UNIX Operating Systems. One that brings central access policies, automation and scalability right from Day 1 and is backed by world-class support. Too good to be true? Well, it is a reality now. InfraGuard is today being used by some of the world’s largest Public Cloud MSPs.”

Cloud Comrade, one of the fastest-growing managed service providers (MSPs) in Southeast Asia, has been the first partner to adopt InfraGuard as the platform of choice to deliver automated Managed Services to all its clients.

Andy Waroma, Co-Managing Director & Co-Founder of Cloud Comrade, commented, “Cloud Comrade is constantly enhancing and expanding our product offerings and capabilities to deliver new value to our customers. We are excited to partner InfraGuard to bring a unique automated cloud server management solution to our customers. InfraGuard’s automated features with stringent compliance and audit monitoring standards minimize common maintenance and security pitfalls and enable us to create a uniform server management environment that is highly scalable and secure.”

The core features of InfraGuard reside in three major segments of Access Management, Patch Management and SOP Automation with value add-ons such as Encrypted Key Vault, Script Repository and Security Lockdown among others. InfraGuard also comes with an Open API and ready integrations with much third-party software.

With InfraGuard, apart from enhanced efficiency, Cloud Comrade can also create Centres of Excellence for each service scope, ensuring that the end-clients are always benefiting from industry-standard governance and operation frameworks.


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