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Innefu Launches AuthShield 2FA Solution

Innefu AuthShield 2FA

Innefu Labs has announced the availability of Innefu Authshield 2FA, a two factor authentication solution that uses a protocol level decoding engine to offer improved shield to personal and business data kept digitally on personal devices or at onsite, remote or cloud based systems.

“Most IT users generally prefer to protect their digital information using a single factor of authentication (User Name and Password) and often use the same password to login to multiple applications,” says Tarun Wig, Founder, Innefu Labs.

He further added, “No wonder, a majority of hacking attacks are aimed at stealing user login credentials to access victim’s email, web apps, VPN accounts or to carry out fraudulent activities such as stealing online banking credentials, credit card information, debit card pins, etc.”

Innefu Authshield 2FA solution uses dual mode of identification where along with the user id and password, verification is done over a secure randomly generated one time password or a challenge response mechanism using PUSH Notification protocol.

The OTP is auto-generated and provided to the user through multiple form factors like Hard Token, Mobile Push, Mobile Token, Soft Token, SMS Token and Voice Token.  An organization can easily mix and match and choose specific form factors for different users.

Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Protection – for SAP, VPN, Remote Server Login, Web Applications, Windows login, Corporate Email, ERP solutions, Cloud Infrastructure
  2. Wide Support – AuthShield authentication server supports all the form factors and allows users the flexibility to shift from one form factor to another
  3. Safe & Transparent – Entire authentication process is transparent where the primary password of the user is never visible to AuthShield server. AuthShield server only receives the user name and OTP thereby ensuring users privacy
  4. Flexible & Fast- AuthShield 2FA can be integrated with multiple integration points including VPN, Web apps, Unix / SSH, corporate mail, desktop mail clients etc in less than 30minutes
  5. Reliable – AuthShield 2FA uses its multiple servers hosted around the world to ensure fail over and High availability across the client spectrum. The servers are hosted by ISO 27001 certified data centers with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Patent Pending Technology

“Most multi-factor authentication solutions available in the market today are dependent on end point applications for integration,” says Tarun Wig, Founder, Innefu Labs. “ While VPN and Firewall vendors have made provisions for 2FA, most other application vendors have not made any such provision in their programs thereby providing a backdoor to hackers to get in”, he added.

Press release notesInnefu AuthShield integrates second factor of authentication (2FA) using a protocol decoding mechanism. This is a patent pending technology which integrates 2FA at a protocol level rather than integrating the solution at client end interfaces. The integration at protocol level ensures that AuthShield can be integrated in even those applications which do not inherently provide support for 2FA including SAP, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle communication messaging servers, Database Queries etc.”

They have been designed to secure the following:

  1. Corporate Email
  2. SAP ERP
  3. VPN
  4. Remote Server Login
  5. Web Applications
  6. Cloud Infrastructure



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