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Inspirria Cloudtech is one of the Earliest Pioneers of the Cloud Service Brokerage or Cloud Aggregator Focused on SaaS Marketplace

biswas nair
Biswas Nair, Founder & Managing Director, Inspirria Cloudtech

Just few years before integrating ERP solutions were wearisome and exorbitant. And even after successful deployment these software ended up delivering meagre offerings giving deficient benefits to customer’s IT infrastructure investment. That’s history, as cloud has now spelled a new paradigm of services chanting simplify, scale and deliver. Inspirria Cloudtech part of Inspirria Group has been perennially disrupting this space. The company marked as winners in Red Herring Top 100 Technology Company, is a prime partner with leading companies like NetSuite, Oracle,, Google, Box and Docusign and a prime Cloud Service Broker (CSB) or Cloud aggregator across the globe. To dig more about the company’s strategic moves and their position to tap the digital transformation era,  Biswas Nair, Founder & Managing Director, Inspirria Cloudtech prudently demystifies the Indian and global cloud business. Edited Excerpts.

ERP solutions are vigorously migrating to cloud, what challenge and benefits does this transformation inculcate for ERP solution provider like Inspirria Cloudtech?

Migration to Cloud provides a quicker upgrade to a platform which can change along with transforming business strategies. It allows more ownership of the business organization in an enterprise application roll out compared to that of complete burden being on IT alone. Cloud also frees the organization from dependency on the IT infrastructure or even being tied down to one technology platform. The pricey upgrade of the on-premise ERP system (which is as good as re-implementation) is a thing of the past as Cloud ERP automatically upgrade couple of times a year.

I also believe that the concept of apps in Cloud ERP has been revolutionizing (like the Suiteapp in case of NetSuite i.e. built by partners on the same platform).  Lastly, the time period of an ERP implementation has been reduced from years to weeks which bring in more ROI and effectiveness of the system for the business needs. 

What impact does the Oracle acquisition of NetSuite brings to your firm. The strategic changes partner ecosystem has undergone?

The Oracle acquisition has definitely put a very positive impact on us. It gives NetSuite clients the reach and credibility of Oracle organization and, the access to R&D funds to enhance the product capabilities of many vertical solutions. It also allows existing Oracle ERP clients to use NetSuite at a subsidiary level for a 2-Tier ERP strategy.

NetSuite combined with Oracle’s Fusion can help deliver better solutions that can strengthen cloud ERP positioning of Oracle.

From a partner perspective nothing has changed today but in future we expect more Oracle partners to come on fold to provide more options to the NetSuite Clients and also build in vertical expertise but they will have lot of catch up to do with the existing NetSuite partners especially the decade old one’s like Inspirria Cloudtech because of our own localized Suiteapps and the richness of experience of more than 400+ clients.

The company lately rebranded itself from Aashna Cloudtech to Inspirria Cloudtech. What does this derive to the offerings and key objectives behind this initiative?

Inspirria Cloudtech today is one of the earliest pioneers of the Cloud Service Brokerage or Cloud Aggregator especially focused on SaaS market place with the set of solutions led by Oracle, NetSuite,, Google, Box, Docusign, OneLogin etc. Our re-branding was to emphasis our focus on the Cloud service Brokerage aspect as well as the new geographical expansion. We cover the entire gambit of cloud applications starting from ERP, CRM, E-commerce, project management, productivity suite, storage and eventually single sign-on all harmoniously integrated to offer one single solution for our clients, bundled with support functionality. The key verticals which we focus are whole sellers and distributors, software, services and new economy companies (VC funded new startups).

How you define your position in the growing competitive market and your key competitors?

In the last decade the market, mainly the SMB and enterprise has been implementing cloud applications in their system. They have been taking the advantage of migrating to cloud-based apps as the fence sitters are convinced with the benefits of cloud technology for their IT/ business strategy. Thus, cloud adoption will continue to catch pace in the coming years.

Moving forward, multiple cloud applications will co-exist including the old on-premise applications. Here, the biggest challenge for the decision makers will be to look for a solution that can integrate, manage and support their cloud applications on an ongoing basis. So, there is a need for a Cloud Aggregator aka Cloud Service Brokerage in today’s cloud environment.

Inspirria Cloudtech has identified this opportunity few years back and was founded with the intention to offer an integrated cloud package to the client, customized to their needs and backed by an integrated support contract. We have a cloud experience for more than 12 years, executing more than 400 projects and having more than 87 cloud consultants. Today, at Inspirria we have a lead over our challengers with the offerings that we provide.  And we will continue to add more cloud applications in our portfolio to meet every new requirement of our clients.

How do you unravel the myths of cloud computing in today’s business environment and what does this undeniable technology mean to CIOs.

Today cloud computing has allowed people to scale up in a shorter period of time and the on-demand technology has been critical for the same. The fear of the technology/ application lagging behind the execution of business strategy does not exist today. Cloud based applications bring in enough flexibility to adapt to the changes quickly. So, in the cloud environment the CIO’s can deliver faster business transformation using the technology and putting their stake on success of the initiative.

Most of the technology product companies have realized that they need to productize their services and that cloud is a great way of doing so. I think another phenomenon is urbanization of services due to which many service companies are struggling with the app-driven business due to the consumer demand. Cloud is helping these companies to change their service offerings on an on-going basis to meet up with the consumer needs which is a really good thing to happen. Gone are the days when the major changes in a product happened to be once in 2-3 years!


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