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“Too many companies unaware of growing threat of infringement”

US Immigration

KANSAS CITY, USA: IntegriShield, a technology grounded compliance enterprise, puts into effect infringement detection and remediation on its client’s behalf. Catering to clients across North America, IntegriShield’s proprietary technology gamely ascertains cases in point concerning illegal and indecorous usage of a client’s copyrighted or trademarked material found over the internet.

In line with IntegriShield managing Director Jennifer Flood: “Far too many companies are unaware of the growing threat of infringement caused by websites, blogs and social media. Companies that invest each year creating and managing their brand image should be aware of how others are using it.”

With the benefit of hindsight on the winter breaks, voluminous companies were naively enough being victimized with them from their barrio reacting too late. In December 2013 the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (I.C.E.) released a report pronouncing the removal of more than 700 domain names selling forged merchandise in lieu of Cyber Monday shopping contracts. This I.C.E. ingenuity, acknowledged as Project Cyber Monday IV, initiated in 2010 and has in the meantime held 2,550 domain appellations. As the cognizance and prerequisite which is intended for infringement detection matures, IntegriShield endures to assist companies overcome the stumbling block of detaching brand misapplication on websites which are from its quarter off the record.


“Unobstructed exploitation can result in significant brand dilution and loss of equity,” believed Flood. Enterprises colossal and small have a conferred interest as regards shielding their intellectual property from “Web buccaneers” who largesse slander from their ends while marring brands with below average products and services. Rhetoricising further that – “My team has demonstrated an unmatched responsiveness, understanding this means not just protecting a client’s brand’s image, but their customer’s lifetime value.”


Jawed Akhtar

A Journalist by interest and a Music Enthusiast by passion. Wedded to Mother Nature, Jawed indulges his aesthetics in travelling and reading books of varied genres. Having covered News stories for top Dailies in his formative years, that is, he is game for tryst with Technology at Techmagnifier.

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