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INTEGRITY security services launches security solutions for next-gen IoT

Green Hills Software Company

INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS), a Green Hills Software Company has announced its latest end-to-end IoT Security Solutions addressing both device and key management infrastructure essential for secure embedded development.

The ISS Embedded Cryptographic Toolkit (ECT) is a comprehensive set of standards-based, platform-agnostic security protocols with a FIPS 140-2 compliant, Suite B, cryptographic algorithm library for the security of device software, data, and communication.

“Our partnership with INTEGRITY Security Services meets our keys management needs,” said Bob Honor, president of Bedrock Automation. “With the ISS Security Solutions we can focus on building the world’s most secure industrial controller and leave our key management needs to INTEGRITY Security Services.”

ISS ECTs combined with the Green Hills INTEGRITY OS add an extra level of encryption, authentication, and reliability, protecting critical on-board resources from software failure and cyber security attacks. It’s worth mentioning that, ISS comprehensive solutions include cryptographic toolkits and high-availability enterprise PKI systems to provide end-to-end security.

ISS end-to-end Security Solutions enable IoT devices to:

  1. Communicate securely without trusting the network
  2. Ensure software is not tampered
  3. Encrypt critical data
  4. Operate reliably
  5. Remotely update software

With ISS solutions, embedded device manufacturers can trust on a single supplier to deliver a complete suite of embedded security software and an end-to-end system for their embedded software.

“Our customers are requesting highly reliable security solutions as one of their top priorities,” said David Sequino, vice president and general manager of INTEGRITY Security Services. “With our INTEGRITY Security Services solutions and the Green Hills secure INTEGRITY-178 EAL 6+ certified operating system technology, we are able to secure all layers of all embedded devices.



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