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Netweb’s Next Agenda Will be on Modern Marketing

Netweb products start from made-in-India servers and workstations and also expand into storage products/solutions for Enterprises, Cloud & HPC.

Sandeep-LodhaNetweb Technologies with a nationwide presence works on deep expertise in the area of operations. Established in September 1999, it provides world-class products & services in HPC planning, execution & Consulting Services, setting up a private cloud in the various segments and especially in Telecom area, developing solutions as per customers requirements for AI and machine learning, backup, and data recovery. During an exclusive interaction with Nitisha Dubey; Sandeep Lodha, Co-Founder, Netweb Technologies elaborates its company’s expertise in HPC, Cloud, Big Data, and AI.

How Tech-enabled solutions (Artificial intelligence, high-performance computing) are enabling corporates to meet their sustainability vows?

Technology by itself is always helping some time directly and indirectly to meet the sustainability vows. Let me take an example in Automobile manufacturing. Today the new cars are designed, every aspect of the material used is using HPC, they can also simulate the crash test to find out all the impact and improve on the design to get into a prototype to test a real case, it helps them to not waste the precious resources and get a mush better-anticipated product. HPC and AI have been helping companies to simulate and design better products, improve the efficiency of the production line so that they can be more profitable and agile and this also helps them to meet the sustainability vows.

How the absence of a data protection bill could be a bottleneck for the tech industry in India?

India is a major global tech outsourcing hub, in order to maintain the same it will require to adhere to the global standards on data protection. Typically Europe requires those adherences and in absence of a proper commitment, it will hurt the Intel IT outsourcing industry.

What do Netweb technologies provide in its catalog of services and how your Made-in-India products are helping in achieving the government’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat?

Today, Netweb technologies is into the Product, Solution, and Services business. Our products start from made-in-India servers and workstations and also expand into storage products/solutions for Enterprises, Cloud & HPC. All these products are helping the Government vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat as these products are driving a hardware and software ecosystem in India which in the long term will be helpful in local consumption as well as will drive the export-related revenue. On the services side, we have been providing cloud-related services to many segments including Telecom globally.

How are Netweb’s servers more secure and affordable for domestic and international players?

Today, Netweb provides a wide variety of servers to our customers. We believe that the right size needs to be given to our customers. We take care firstly by design: to see that the right choice of the server configuration is made so that they need not compromise on neither features nor they get an oversized product. Secondly, to see that we do not bind them for the spares with us and charge them more than the market price, this is crucial and mostly not considered while buying but eventually is quite important. Third and most important is that we have a very low failure ratio and this further reduces the business cost of our customers and enables us to give good support to them efficiently.

Any new products/services that you are looking forward to launching this year? 

We are launching our new HCI (Hyper-converged Infrastructure) Cloud product. This appliance will provide the fastest way to a private/Hybrid cloud for our customers. They can scale the cloud at ease and will have the flexibility to add Compute only GPU nodes at any time. Managing this HCI Cloud will be very easy which otherwise can be a very complex installation. Another related area we are working on is microservices/ containers. We are launching a container platform that will have several ready-made containers with applications initially targeted towards the AI and HPC market. Customers will be able to download these containers in minutes and just start running the application without any time loss in configuring and setting up things that can sometimes take about a week.

What is the story behind Netweb and how would you explain your journey through all these years?

Netweb as the name suggests started with networking about 25 years ago. We were the first to bring a server redundancy solution for a networking operating system popular those days. This was a runaway success as any critical server installation wanted this solution. Our obsession with server-related products and solutions continued and after about 5 years we started working on servers and the workstation market in India. A few years later we wanted to build solutions and products and we did our first few HPC installations, one of such installed stations did make it to the top 500 supercomputer list in the world. The same year we also started with our storage product line. Today we have several types of storage and we have deep expertise in HPC, Cloud, Big Data, and AI.

What are your future marketing strategies?

Since, we have a wide variety of products, solutions, and services we have different strategies for them. Our belief is first to have the best quality of whatever we do. The rate of return and referral customers has been overwhelming and this was just not possible if those qualities and experience were not met. We do deploy all the marketing mediums and ways. Our new challenge is going to be a new product that will go through products through a subscription route. We are excited to see the online sales and delivery of this product in the market and probably all forms of modern marketing will be needed to make this a success.


Nitisha Dubey

I am a Journalist with a post graduate degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. I love reading non-fiction books, exploring different destinations and varieties of cuisines. Biographies and historical movies are few favourites.

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