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What is Internet of Behaviour (IoB) – New Tech Term Defined!

IOBConnected things, machines and devices defined few of these years terming it as Internet of Things (IoT). Internet of Things (IoT) works as a system that are connected to the sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet. It also helps to collect and share the data without the interference of humans. Till now it’s fine but what about a newer advancement which analyses behavior over the internet. Sounds strange, but yes, Internet of Behaviour (IoB) as the name suggests takes a mile ahead from just connecting people, machines or devices but invigilates behaviors. IoB is said to utilise the data produced from behaviours and then determines the potential of it. For example, IoT till now can tell you how many steps you have walked but with IoB you can find your device giving health coaching and assisting on your fitness goals. With the power of IoB, it can easily inform you the availability of your favourite products, presences and your favorite shows in OTT. But this in not it, IoB comprises a massive potential in industries and businesses. Below we will take you to episodes defining IoB, potential, benefits and challenges.

Benefits of Internet of Behaviour (IoB)

Internet-of-beharviourInternet of Behaviour (IoB) can be used as a most strong weapon for marketing and sales purpose. IoB can allow businessman to increase their business by knowing the wishes of its clients and the latest trends. It will increase your business revenue as well as make your brand more popular among the customers.

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