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Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2021 and the Connected Future

From the time of feature phones to going online via cyber café, the evolution of technology in the last decade has been dynamic. Now, as we have entered in the year 2021, so our focus will be on Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2021.

IOTMany believe in the last few decades, from many of the biggest foundations one was the ‘Internet’. It enabled to explore humans the world like never before. This connectivity at that time was finding a name, gradually; machines and then everything around got connected. This was the true power of Internet where IoT(Internet of Things) started playing the lead role. The reason it all is possible is because of internet of things (IoT).  Now, through IoT you can watch movies from multiple devices, know how you want home to be smarter or a vehicle to be responsive. There are numerous tasks, which are now only one button ahead.

Though few experts reckon it’s still early to unveil the true potential of IoT.  Its latest ideas and advancements in technologies are making IoT more convenient and useable. Tracking and monitoring your products is not a tough call now. IoT has a vast potential for consumers and businesses and people expect to see more development in Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2021.

The IoT is set to throw an impact as large as USD 11 trillion by 2025, which is equivalent to 11% of the world economy, says a report of McKinsey. As we already can see that IoT has been applied in several products and services for developing digital services and growth. Customers are also quite interested to see IoT usage for smart homes, healthcare solution and automotive industries which is also visible now.

According to a joint report by FICCI and Ernst & Young, Asia-Pacific region may become the biggest IoT region in the world in terms of connections and revenue by 2025 with India expected to have 5 billion connected devices by 2022.

There are certain key enabling factors in the Indian ecosystem such as Sensors, Networks, Standards, Augmented Intelligence and Augmented Behaviour which holds immense promise for its growth in the coming years.

Usage of IoT

Although, IoT has a huge role in making our technology more advance and beneficial. But there are few cases where it has made tremendous changes;

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Whether you talk about gaming or entertainment or medical procedure, AR/VR has made it all simple.
  2. Smart equipment: In today’s generation, every second person is wearing fitness tracker or some smart watches, which can easily detect your breath and calculate your heart beat.
  3. M2M Connected Devices: Factories are using it quite frequently because it uses IoT enabled machine, which easily map workloads, inputs, and outputs, etc.
  4. Drones: Whenever you visit any marriage or a function, you will find a drone which will catch your best pose. It is also a creation of IoT. It not only help in functions or parties, but has also become useable for defence industry.
  5. Smart Cities: For making our lifestyle easier, the government has started smart cities campaign. By using IoT, it has created a lot of advance equipments, like: digitally track parking, synchronized traffic lights, etc.

Not only this, IoT is being broadly used in healthcare, agriculture, robotics, and autonomous vehicle or connected vehicles.

Government on Internet of Things (IoT)

“I want to develop that ecosystem — from mobile phones to smartphones to laptops to tablets to M2M equipment, to IoT devices — wherein India becomes a huge centre for manufacturing these,” the Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad mentioned during a press meet.

Indian government is extremely active on its ‘Digital India’ programme. In last few years it has made several applications and tied with many IoT companies to make India digital free country.

Digitalization also has some issues, because as IoT is from one side helping us to make ourselves advance, but from another side the privacy is becoming a concern. Talking about such issues, Prasad reveals to a news website that “he acknowledges the implicit need for data movement across the globe, to keep the digital commerce intact. But the ground rule of that movement must be very clearly laid down. There should be reciprocity in data sharing, and we should never compromise on our digital sovereignty.”

Eased Lockdown with IoT

During Covid19 situation, IoT was the only source for our connectivity. It helped people in many ways. From buying online groceries to booking appointment with doctors, everything was one button away. Online health consultations, online learnings, and cultural services were possible due to IoT advancement. This year will also bring some unique enhancement in IoT and we will enjoy the latest Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2021


Nitisha Dubey

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