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Intuitive India Works with Top Hospitals in Ahmedabad

Intuitive India has started working with the city’s two prominent hospitals, Sterling and Kaizen, to build awareness about robotic-assisted surgery among the surgical fraternity in Gujarat.

Intutive IndiaAs a part of their roving robot program, they conducted hands-on workshops on robotic surgery at these hospitals this week. Medical students and surgeons from medical colleges across Gujarat were a part of this program.

Commenting on this initiative, Sanjiv Pravin Haribhakti, Chairman, Department of Surgical Gastroenterology at Kaizen Hospital, Ahmedabad, said “We have seen an overwhelming response from the surgeons and residents to participate in this workshop, and more surgeons are keen on taking up such surgical advancements to provide state of art facilities with the adoption of more cost-effective options. The workshop helped surgeons and medical students to get familiar with advanced surgical technology like robotic-assisted surgery (RAS). We hope that this momentum will continue, and eventually, it will lead to the better adoption of RAS in Gujarat and Ahmedabad in particular.”

Commenting on this, Mandeep Singh Kumar, VP and General Manager, Intuitive India, said, “The conduct of Robotic-Assisted Surgery education programs is a key step towards building awareness and enhancing knowledge related to its potential benefits. Such programs help nurture the adoption of advanced surgical technologies and ensure that the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery reach the largest number of patients. In this context, the Intuitive Roving Robot Program aims to support the evolution of Gujarat’s surgical healthcare landscape. With the same objective, we are continuously expanding the reach of such programs across the country.”

Commenting on the workshop, Kamlesh Patel, Director Urologist and transplant surgeon, Sterling Hospital- Ahmedabad, said “We are glad to be a part of this program as it empowers the medical fraternity to keep up with the latest in surgical technology and help better our city’s healthcare infrastructure. As I use the da Vinci RAS system, I can clearly say that with the Robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) technology, we can perform many types of complex surgical procedures with precision, flexibility, and good control. Potential patient benefits of robotic-assisted surgery in many procedures may include a decrease in length of hospital stay, decrease in blood loss, decrease in re-admission rates, decrease in complication rates and improvement in some functional outcomes.”

Through this initiative, Intuitive aims to familiarize the medical fraternity with robotic-assisted surgery, its technology, clinical applications, safety and its benefits. Intuitive is planning to conduct such workshops across India as a part of their Roving- Robot program.


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