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IoT Drones For Smart Agriculture

In smart agriculture, drones are being used for many tasks that used to require human assistance.

Sometimes industries have to wait for significant advances not because of software but due to a lack of compatible hardware. For this reason, electronic elements must be constantly improved. At Glomore Electro- Tech, we have made it our mission to provide various industries, including agriculture, with the best electronic components available.

AgriculuturalAgriculture has been with humanity for a long time, 10,000 years to be exact; recently, it has been introduced to modern technologies that show farmers much more efficient ways of doing things.

In smart agriculture, drones are being used for many tasks that used to require human assistance. From mapping a field to analyzing the health of a farmer’s crop, drones can do many things literally “on the fly.”

IoT Drones

IoT stands for the “Internet of Things.” It’s a concept that may seem a bit futuristic at first glance, but we are technically in the future. It’s about things, literally things, being networked together, just as people do today. These “things,” of course, are electronic and made up of components like LCD displays, diodes, and batteries, and much more.

The difference between a regular drone and an IoT drone is connectivity. Namely, the IoT drone can receive and transmit data in real-time, which is extremely helpful in the case of smart agriculture. It also means that the drone doesn’t need to be controlled manually with the right software.

Smart Agriculture

Technological progress in one sector usually advances other sectors and pulls them into the future. Artificial intelligence and robotics are two prime examples of how their development has changed the face of industries once thought to be completely traditional, such as agriculture.

Smart agriculture is on the rise around the world. It is the next big thing for many farmers who need technology to increase productivity. We help provide the industry with high-quality components and continuously improve them to advance agriculture.

Smart agriculture is a general term that refers to managing a farm with modern “smart” technologies such as drones, robots, and AI. The IoT drones used in smart agriculture have various functions. They have sensors that can detect movement and other things like heat signatures.

They can lift things, which is very useful in distribution. And they work in real-time with algorithms that can calculate large amounts of data at unimaginable speeds and relay the results to the farmer—a combination of tasks that would take much more time if done manually.


An essential part of caring for crops or livestock is constantly monitoring their status. The problem is that it’s a very time-consuming task. Drones can monitor the health of crops and livestock and give farmers an overview of their resources and productivity.

Tracking refers to data collection as part of a larger process. Big data is processed by AI algorithms that provide farmers with easy-to-understand results rather than overwhelming them with data.

This information can be relayed to the farmer in real-time, giving them a better chance of preventing unfortunate situations before they occur.


Distribution is where drones come into play. IoT drones can be deployed to move resources from point A to B. Such paths can not only be fixed but also changed on the fly as needed.

The distribution also relates to applying chemicals such as pesticides without the need for human intervention throughout the process. Farmers know how tedious such a process can be when done manually.

What Do Glomore Electro-Tech Offer?

“Drone” may be a vague term, but in the case of smart agriculture, either fixed-wing or multirotor drones are most commonly used. Both have their advantages in the field, and both are useful. They also tend to cost the same and are usually made of similar components.

IoT drones need to stay in the air as long as possible. Therefore, they need potent batteries that are also lightweight so as not to slow down the drone by adding weight. The same applies to other compartments such as sensors or anything that has to do with circuits.

Not only do such unique components need to be made available to the industry at high quality and low prices, but they also need to be continually developed, and that’s exactly what we do at Glomore’s Electro-Tech Solutions.

At Glomore Electro-Tech, we are constantly striving to provide industries like smart agriculture with the best electronic components on the market. These components make farmers’ lives easier and help drive down prices. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have; give us a call today.


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