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IoT Guidebook – BIS Explains Your Internet and Things

Internet of ThingsThe word Digital transformation and Connected Things are the new lingo. Internet of Things(IoT) defines it all. In today’s time from homes to your health everything is connected through devices which helps you deal with everyday things in the simplest way. I know my busy schedule gives me real tedious life, wherein my smartphone, smartwatch and even shoes helps me to keep informed about my lunch, meeting and the miles I take every day (which is rare). I am connected with family, friends and children even while I’m on a move. These simple examples define Internet of Things or say, IoT.

IoT – Extending the Power of Internet

From the generation of sluggish 2G, 3G to today LTE(4G) and ahead 5G, Internet has grown and taken over ever e=corner of businesses and our lives. We liked to be informed and stay informed. Internet made it happen. But what more things evolved with internet the world of getting connected. This happened early through social networks which spurred with Internet. Internet drastically changed the lifestyle in the last two decades. From social network scrapbooks to current terabytes of feed, the convergence happened finally between software and hardware and the generation of Sensors took over and with that Internet of Things(IoT). Network capabilities increased and sensors built into them. Today, technology is ubiquitous thanks to the prices which have plunged.

Smartphone A Seed To The Era of IoT

From early entrant of phones, it was said to be the most ground-breaking inventions of modern time. Starting from voice to having small screens it all took the word with a ‘WOW’. Now, today smartphones is just more than a phone and is a gamut of data. Chipped with sensors, Smartphones has all the data collected, analysed and then acted for a better user-experience. The IoT is a giant network of connected “things” (which also includes people). Sensors could be temperature sensors, motion sensors, moisture sensors, air quality sensors, light sensors. The relationship will be between people-people, people-things, and things-things.

IoT – The Broader Perspective

Coming out from defining IoT and how smartphone has been the beacon holder. Today, IoT is not just what it was maybe six months before. As IoT is arguably ben said to be evolving everyday as the world of Data has been quantifying. A report from Samsung says the need to secure every connected device by 2020 is “critical”. The firm’s Open Economy document says “there is a very clear danger that technology is running ahead of the game”. The firm said more than 7.3 billion devices will need to be made secure by their manufacturers before 2020. “We are looking at a future in which companies will indulge in digital Darwinism, using IoT, AI and machine learning to rapidly evolve in a way we’ve never seen before,” Brian Solis, from Altimeter Group, who helped on the research said. From smart cities to Smart homes to Public places to community places everything and everywhere is transforming with the usage of IoT. Living examples of how IoT has brought sustainability, better lifestyle, income capacity, and living style – Seoul, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Boston are finest examples of smart cities powered by smart IoT devices and solutions, do visit them*.

Learn More About IoT

Someone wonderfully phrased, “Humans have Endless Needs and Desires” to unanimity “Internet of Things has the ability to Fulfill All Of It in One Packed Connected System”. Remember the More You’re Learn the More You Find out about IoT! Still Not Gone, Then You Should Check Out Few More Write-Ups Which Shall Help You Use The Internet in Better Way, Just For Free!: Click Here


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