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IPW Series Outdoor Antennas for Cellular and Wi-Fi Applications

LinxMouser Electronics has stocked the IPW Series rugged outdoor IP67-rated dipole antennas from Linx Technologies.

With a frequency range of 617 MHz to 7.1 GHz and a gain rating of up to 8.7dBi, the new outdoor antennas deliver robust performance for a range of cellular, Wi-Fi®, and LPWA / ISM applications. The IPW Series provides ground-plane independent dipole antenna solutions capable of mounting permanently to both metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

The Linx Technologies ANT-W63-IPW3-NP Wi-Fi 7/6/6E outdoor whip antenna is designed for 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands supporting Wi-Fi 7, Wi-Fi 6, and Wi-Fi 6E. The antenna is housed in heat- and chemical-resistant, UV-stabilized ABS and connects using an N plug connector. In addition to extensive Wi-Fi and WLAN coverage, the ANT-W63-IPW3-NP outdoor antenna offers reliable connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart home networking and remote monitoring.

The ANT-8/9-IPW3-NP outdoor LPWA antenna is designed for use in the 868 MHz to 915 MHz frequency range, and is an ideal choice for low-power, wide-area (LPWA) applications. The antenna’s exceptional low-power performance also makes it a suitable option for remote control, monitoring, and sensing applications.

The ANT-5GW-IPW3-NP outdoor cellular sub-6 5G antenna offers reliable performance for 5G New Radio, LTE, and cellular IoT applications. Offering exceptional peak gain and efficiency, the ANT-5GW-IPW3-NP outdoor antenna also supports private cellular networks, including the Citizens Broadband Radio Service.


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