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Is China Becoming the Next Superpower in AI Market?

China AIArtificial Intelligence (AI) is forecasted to topple the current technology and its beliefs to drive the world to a new era of virtual reality.

Sensing its monumental significance and potential in the coming years, many countries especially the developed ones, had started investing in the research and development of this disruptive technology.

This led to a mad dash to acquire supremacy in the research and steady development of AI to hold the title of AI-Powered Country. And powerful nations like the US and others were no exception.

But what came as a shock to everyone was the emergence of a dark horse in this global race of AI Supremacy, China’s resurgence in the budding field of AI-led to an uneasy feeling in the minds of several global leaders, that later proved to be true.

US vs China AI Race picked its pace as China showed immense potential in the rapid development of its country with the setting up of various industries especially the electronics market, that greatly impacted the local businesses of the US.

Nonetheless, before going about the current scenario of the US vs China AI Race, let’s take a look at some background about AI and China’s emergence in this AI Race.

Why is AI so Important?

Since time immemorial, technology has always played a deciding factor in determining the supremacy of power any country possesses to dominate world issues. And AI’s prediction to be the driver for next-generation technology leaves no doubt in the minds of powerful leaders that whoever commands this technology will have an upper hand in the future.

Thus, leading to the current US vs China AI Race, we are witnessing right now.

Top officials of the US already started paying attention to AI and its future threats a decade ago and stressed keeping AI as the main agenda of their focus.

How did China Catch up?

Around twenty years ago, there was a huge gap between China and the US on AI research. On one hand, U.S. was witnessing sustained growth in research efforts by both public and private sectors, on the other hand, China was in the initial stages of conducting low-value-added activities in global manufacturing.

But due to the authoritarian nature of China’s government and their constant push towards developing the AI market in their country, China has rapidly caught up to the US and other European countries. Therefore, securing its place in the US vs China AI Race.

How did China Overtake AI Market?

China CybersecurityFrom a research point of view, China’s government induced an AI culture in the country by addressing an AI-friendly policy to invoke the young minds of youth in the direction of studying and researching in this emerging field of AI. And this didn’t end just at this level, as several AI-related trends were simultaneously introduced from time to time to incite feelings of curiosity to research this subject to up the game in US vs China AI Race.

These constant stimuli from the government’s side led China to become a world leader in AI publications and patents. This trend also acted as the driver for Chinese government policy goals to achieve AI supremacy by 2030, leading to another factor in the recent tech war and also the US vs China AI Race.

According to the ongoing research of the economic and social impacts of AI, the country’s progress in the field is incomparable as China has surpassed any other country in the world, including the U.S in terms of filing AI research papers and patents.

US vs China AI Race 2021

US vs ChinaDespite its slow start in the budding field of AI, China has shocked everyone in proving its mettle in the AI market leaving the US and other European countries behind with its focused goal policy on AI.

And this fact was further solidified with a recent revelation of a top retired US official who admitted the US vs China AI Race to be lost by the US.

According to a retired Pentagon’s first chief software officer, the US has lagged in the AI race against China and other countries due to the slow pace of technological transformation in the US military.

The official also announced the failure of the US and its government in terms of responding effectively against the ongoing Chinese cyber and other digital threats from hackers and other malicious viruses, thus proving US defeat in this current round of the US vs China AI Race.


Despite several allegations and various counterattacks between the US and China over their recent strife on technology and cyberattacks, we can’t refute the basic knowledge that China has proved its potential and worth as the upcoming superpower in the technology field.

And though this round of the US vs China AI Race, is lost to China, there is no saying what the future holds as other countries too strife for similar miraculous results.


Aishwarya Saxena

A book geek, with creative mind, an electronics degree, and zealous for writing.Creativity is the one thing in her opinion which drove her to enter into editing field. Allured towards south Indian cuisine and culture, love to discover new cultures and their customs. Relishes in discovering new music genres.

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