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Is Cybersecurity Training Needed in India?

IntroA rapid increase in the number of digital users has been observed across India in recent years, as the country is making its presence known in the digital world. Under the “Digital India” initiative and government’s progressive policies, people across the country have come under the digital radar at an alarming rate.

And this spike has only grown sharper with the pandemic onset and people going through lockdown, working remotely from their homes. And that’s what has staged the perfect playground for the hackers to come into the scene.

Cybersecurity has now become the need of the hour for every enterprise either private or government. But before diving deeper into this, let’s talk about what exactly do we mean by the word “cybersecurity” and why it has become the talk of the town amid a pandemic crisis of last year.

In simple terms, cybersecurity can be defined as protecting or providing security to one’s internet-connected system like hardware as well as software against any malicious cyber-attacks.

Why Cybersecurity Became Popular?

Since the start of massive level lockdown all across the world, there has been a huge upsurge of people shifting towards the digital world for varying reasons and companies offering remote working as an option. Due to which people have become quite susceptible to cyber threats and risks like leakage of private data into the wrong hands.

This leads us to the basic question of the day: How can we secure our private and confidential information against hackers and malicious threats?

The answer to all these questions is simple: Either taking Cybersecurity Training or utilizing Cybersecurity Solutions provided by different companies specializing in this field.

With the increase in the rate of cybercrimes happening all over the world, companies have felt the need for cybersecurity professionals to provide security to their enterprise and giving first-hand expertise to the loopholes present in their software that are susceptible to cyber-attacks in near future.

But this presents us with a new problem in itself, as cybersecurity is still a new born field and not many companies are equipped with a large percentage of cybersecurity professionals in comparison to the digital users present.

And due to this shortage of professionals, developing countries like India, which supports a huge population, are at a big risk of cybercrimes. This emphasizes our need to provide cybersecurity training as a must to enterprises and workers in particular.

What is Cybersecurity Training?

Cybersecurity training or security awareness training is simply a process of imparting formal cybersecurity education to the workforce about a variety of information security threats and the related organization’s policies and procedures for addressing them.

Cybersecurity training provides basic knowledge to the workers of the organization to understand IT security issues, identify security risks, and learn the importance of responding to cybersecurity issues. People are specifically trained in securing information and data.

And instead of a one-time event, cybersecurity awareness training provides the best results when approached as a critical ongoing practice in the context of a bigger security awareness program.

Why Do We Need Cybersecurity Training?

The best answer for this lies in the fact that if the employees don’t know how to recognize a security threat, how can they be expected to prevent it, report it or remove it? They can’t.

So, the main point of cybersecurity awareness training is to equip the employees with cyber knowledge to combat these threats. We can’t expect employees to know what threats exist or what to do about them on their own. They need to be taught what their employers consider risky or acceptable, and what clues to search while looking for threats, and how to respond when they encounter them.

And India, still in its early stages of entering this digital world, is most susceptible to these security threats and is in dire need of training as the country lacks the number of cybersecurity professionals as compared to its massive population.

Being a practical course, the cybersecurity training course is not exactly a classroom-based training course that can be taught as theory classes, or by reading books and PPTs or going through product videos. It has to be based on a real-life corporate environment using commercially available cyber tools, making it more useful and practical at preventing any cyberattack risks.

Companies Offering Cybersecurity Training in India

ICAIndian Cyber Army: Indian Cyber Army is an agency that acts as a Resource Center for Police, Investigation Agencies, Research Centers, Ethical Hackers, Industry Experts, Government Agencies, Academic Leaders & Individuals to counter internet-related threats, cyber-crimes and foster information exchange on existing cybercrime patterns. They also provide cybersecurity training courses along with membership of their group.

JigsawJigsaw Academy: Jigsaw Academy is a Manipal Global Investee company that offers various courses and programs like cybersecurity, data science, etc. The company has ties with 3000+ companies allowing a broader and real-life experience to its students for better understanding.

IISInstitute of Information Security (IIS):  IIS provides hands-on training in information security, and gives excellent and unmatched practical training to individuals and corporates around the globe for over a decade. They have put together a brilliant panel of trainers having many years of experience in the exciting field of information security.

Indian cyber instituteIndian Cyber Institute (ICI): ICI is one of the leading institutes in providing education & training in the field of Cyber Law, Cyber Crime Investigation, Ethical Hacking and Information Security for professionals, Law Enforcers and the corporate world. They also set up occasional Cyber literacy and safety workshops for school children and their parents.


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