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Is Face Mask Detection System Becoming a Necessity?

IntroWearing a mask in public spaces was not an uncommon sight before the outbreak of pandemic as people suffering from cold and sore throat would wear a mask in public to avoid the spread of the infection. But it never became a compulsion until the advisory of WHO break out all around the world about the start of a pandemic.

World Health Organization (WHO) reports suggested two main routes of transmission of the COVID-19 virus and that were respiratory droplets and physical contact. And this led to a mad dash of hoarding supplies to move into isolation and buying face masks at a rapid rate.

After witnessing the havoc pandemic created, governments had to step up to take some necessary precautions like making it compulsory to wear a face mask in public. But who will supervise that those precautions are being followed at such a wide scale?

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Aishwarya Saxena

A book geek, with creative mind, an electronics degree, and zealous for writing.Creativity is the one thing in her opinion which drove her to enter into editing field. Allured towards south Indian cuisine and culture, love to discover new cultures and their customs. Relishes in discovering new music genres.

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