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Yes in India – Meet The Top 5 Graphene Manufacturers

Here we have mentioned top 5 Graphene manufacturers of India;

GrapheneThe latest report by IDTechEx revealed that the graphene material market is small, however significant growth is occurring, and it expects the market to narrowly exceed US$1 billion by 2032.

This data is showcasing the huge growth in the graphene market. Recently, Tata has announced its focus on graphene which can be mixed with plastic and recycled like brand-new products, among other attributes.

Not only that, this year only in February Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan had announced an Indian Innovation Centre for Graphene in Thrissur at a cost of Rs 86.41 crore. The project would give a major fillip for scientific research as well as the state’s industrial sector. Apart from Tata Steel Limited, which is the major stakeholder in the venture, other industrial enterprises would also give support for the Innovation Centre.

What is Graphene?

Graphene-reportA one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms, bounded tightly in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice is known as Graphene. Graphene is also known as the thinnest substance, which works remarkably with electrically and thermally conductive materials in the world. Graphene is also known as a wonder material due to its vast potential in the energy and medical world.

Here we have mentioned top 5 Graphene manufacturers of India;


BTCORP is among the top 5 graphene manufacturers of India, has integrated facilities for nanotechnology research. The products and services of BTCORP include performance nanomaterials especially all variants & forms of graphene and contract research services to cater for the need of manufacturing industries.

Otto Chemie

Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd produces a wide range of Graphene Range of products in India. They also have technical possibility to match customized requirements. Otto Chemie is now a rapidly growing chemical marketing and distribution company widely networked in India engaged in the activity of importing chemicals and distributing them to customers all over the country. The company supplies variety of chemicals including agrochemicals, construction chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and other industrial chemicals. The company has earned its name in the top 5 Graphene manufacturers of India.

Ad-Nano Technologies

Ad-Nano Technologies manufactures conductive inks like Carbon nanotubes conductive ink, Graphene conductive ink, Graphite conductive ink, which are widely used in industrial sectors and also in the area of research and development programmes. AD-Nano Technologies is a manufacturers and sales representation company dedicated to providing innovative systems into technological field & also in Research & Development programmes by introducing nano technology in it. Ad-Nano is one of the top 5 Graphene manufacturers of India.

Platonic Nano Tech

Platonic Nanotech uses its proprietary “Bottom Up” process for the production of high quality graphene. They own the intellectual property and know-how behind this process. As it is now established, graphene has the ability to transfer its intrinsic characteristics to other materials when blended even in a minute quantity. Thus, can enhance the performance of existing wide range of material and open up enormous fields of new applications and technology. Platonic is dedicated to produce Graphene and Graphene Based Products of highest standard and make it available for a price much cheaper that the current market trends. The company looks forward to collaborating with Industries and Research Organisation and Investors to explore “The Graphene Technology” which can immensely contribute to the economic growth of the country. Their products have made its name in the top 5 Graphene manufacturers of India.

AVANSA Technology

AVANSA Technology & Services was founded in 2013 by a group of scientists with a focus to provide materials characterization facilities, high-quality nanomaterials and consulting services for industries, government organizations, and academic institutes/universities. As a start-up small scale industry, we have responded to the various needs of our business customers, both research institute as well as industries. With an exceptional incorporated approach that no other company can equal, AVANSA Technology & Services continues to respond to the ever-changing demands of the modern nanotechnology world. AVANSA has made its name in the top 5 Graphene manufacturers of India.


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