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Is Wireless Security Indispensable in Pandemic?

introConnectivity has never played such a significant role in people’s lives as it has in this pandemic era. Talking about connectivity always brings to the growing concern over wireless network security. Yes, connectivity has today helped the world globalize and get connected and explore infinite opportunities but the emergence of wireless network security is worth mentioning.

With the world, still dealing with the second wave of COVID-19 and lockdown still prevalent in some parts of the world, remote working has become the new reality and so is eminence of wireless network security. As everyone has to adjust their lives in this new “normal” lifestyle, and many of us working, studying, learning, and recreating from our respective homes, wireless network security in pandemic era has become a requirement for everyone to ensure their privacy.

Cyber-attacks have also been on the rise as cyber-criminals have stepped up their efforts to exploit this sensitive situation by deploying computer trojans, malware and ransomware disguised as COVID-19-related supplies and remedies, making the need for wireless network security in pandemic more indispensable.

To get a clearer picture, the most important point we have to tackle is about what significant changes in perspectives and priorities have taken place regarding wireless network security in pandemic in the last 14 months as a direct result of the pandemic and some basics of wireless network security?

Some Basics on Wireless Network Security

figWireless Network Security: In simple words, Wireless network security can be referred to as the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to one’s computer or private data using wireless networks including Wi-Fi networks. And as remote working is becoming the new trend of this modern world, wireless network security in pandemic has gained more value than ever before.

Internet Traffic: Internet traffic can be defined as the flow of data within the Internet or in certain private network links of its constituent networks.

Malware: Malware is a collective name used for describing any type of malicious software that is designed to harm or exploit any programmable device or network.

Internet Bandwidth: To describe it best, Internet bandwidth is the maximum data transfer rate of a network or Internet connection. It is a measurement of how much data we can be sent over a specific connection at a particular amount of time.

Network Management: Network management is simply a process of administering, managing, and operating a data network, using any network management system.

Market Scenario of Wireless Network Security in Pandemic

Despite its numerous perks, the Wireless network has also shown the darker side of the network as many scams and cyber-criminal activities have come to light since its boom. Due to this, companies are forced to make serious efforts on securing and upgrading their wireless network security in pandemic.

Some of the major changes wireless network security in pandemic has seen are mentioned below:

WiFi = Safety

As people are learning to adjust themselves in this pandemic era, people having less knowledge and inadequate connectivity and wireless network security in a pandemic have been made the target of various fraud and cyber scams. On the other hand, tech-savvy people have made use of this opportunity to book health appointments online, including vaccination jabs. This advantage has been especially beneficial to the elderly thus highlighting the importance of wireless network security in pandemic to secure their private data.

Closing the Digital Divide

Since the closing of schools and businesses all around the world last year would have gone as a waste if not for the presence of wireless connectivity. The importance of learning continuity through wireless connection for children, teens, and university students meant that a close eye also needed to keep a check and collect reports on the performance of the students. This again signifies the need for strong wireless network security in pandemic and also shed a light on the ‘digital divide’.

Increase in Global Bandwidth & Speed

According to a study done in the UK, global internet traffic was forecasted to elevate by 28% but in reality, it got doubled at 47%. Due to this sharp increase in net traffic, UK’s major internet service and mobile providers had to temporarily remove data allowance caps on fixed-line broadband services.

And since internet traffic got a major boost during this time, many companies had to increase their wireless network security in pandemic times to ensure the safety of their sensitive data.

Pandemic Proof Network Management

Pandemic times were a major initial struggle for businesses that were less ready for agile working or getting their workforce online. Wireless Network Security in pandemic, on the other hand, is still a topic for debate as many major companies like Trend Micro have stated a sharp increase in their working times leading to the stressed environment as cyber threats intensity is increasing day by day. If the size and scope of networks are set to remain ‘as is’ soon, managing and monitoring networks will become a hard task to struggle with.

Top Wireless Network Security Companies

CiscoCisco: Being a known name in the wireless network security market, Cisco is one of the largest suppliers of access points (APs) and bridges for wireless networks. The company’s Aironet family of APs offers a wireless security suite based on the IEEE 802.1X standard.

Nokia newNokia: Apart from phones, Nokia offers a Secure Access System security mechanism. The Nokia Secure Access System (NSAS) is a type of hardware appliance that enhances wireless network security by establishing an encrypted tunnel between the remote wireless device and the corporate network.

ProximProxim: Proxim is a well-known developer of wireless networking equipment for Wi-Fi and broadband networks. One of its most recognized offerings in the security arena is AP-2000 and AP-4000.


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