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Ixia’s Network Visibility with Real-Time Network and Application Intelligence


Ixia has unveiled its Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Processor, which augments the network, application in addition to security insights that IT organizations receive by way of their existing monitoring tools.

This development lays its claim to fame by being the first product of its kind and makes available Ixia’s Visibility Architecture braced with the capacity to be able to deliver real-time information entailing users and applications in any format needed – raw packets, followed by filtered packets or for that matter; metadata.  In the wake of the headcount concerning valid as well as malicious applications rapidly snowballing, this unprecedented visibility intelligence from its quarter assists IT organizations within large enterprises plus service providers to be able to identify, locate as well as track network applications – counting as well as proprietary, mobile in addition to malicious traffic.

Ixia’s new-fangled ATI Processor for the NTO 7300 largesse a fresh level of intelligence towards the network packet broker. Distinct Application Fingerprints besides a patent pending dynamic identification capability aimed at unknown applications offer network managers a comprehensive vision of their networks, together with application success as well as failure tracking. By way of coalescing rich contextual information as for instance, geo-location of application usage, handset or for that matter device type, followed by operating system as well as browser type, the ATI Processor from its barrio aids to be able to identify suspicious activity such as unauthorized BYOD usage or for that matter business contacts from untrusted locations.

Ixia patrons can now power their monitoring tools in conjunction with the improved information delivered courtesy; the ATI Processor to be able to spot trends in application usage, followed by user behavior as well as quality of service braced with more speed as well as precision. This exclusive insight can also resolve security concerns such as rapidly identifying Command and Control (CnC) traffic from infected systems and policy infractions which arise from BYOD usage. Formerly, IT administrators from their end would have to piece together many independent streams of information in a monotonous and error-prone process.

Of note the ATI Processor from its barrio is backed by the same industry-leading ATI program that fuels Ixia’s test equipment, which embraces more than 245 applications in addition to 35,000 malicious attacks and pools frequent Application Fingerprint updates braced by means of support entailing user-defined applications. The specialized hardware employed in the ATI Processor augments visibility performance by way of offloading DPI as well as metadata extraction, improving tool performance and delivering richer insight into network usage, problems as well as trends. This functionality provides greater overall value to its clienteles.

ATI Processor features takes account of, viz:

  • Dynamic application intelligence capabilities to be able to identify known, proprietary, and even unknown network applications.
  • Enhanced insight together with geo-location, handset type, operating system, browser plus other key user data.
  • Empirical data generation to be able to identify bandwidth usage, trends as well as growth needs delivered via API or Ixia’s IxFlow extensions to NetFlow.

“The importance of understanding application performance, service quality and security integrity from the network perspective has been steadily rising in both enterprise and service provider settings,” alleged Jim Frey, EMA’s Vice President of Research, Network Management. Supplementing that – “Such visibility is essential for timely assurance and protection of complex applications despite growing traffic volumes and increasing diversity in how end users and subscribers access applications and services. Options for DPI processing and identification at the packet access layer, such as Ixia’s new ATI Processor offering, means valuable flexibility for establishing and sustaining effective visibility.”

“Ixia’s ATI Processor takes the functionality and benefits of a network packet broker to a new level by providing WildPacket’s Network Analysis and Recorder appliances with not just packets, but rich data on applications, geography and users.” held Tim McCreery, president of WildPackets. Furthering that – “By offloading these vital CPU intensive tasks, WildPackets can provide even more real-time visibility into the entire network while recording high-speed traffic for advanced forensics.  The joint solution allows customers faster troubleshooting, reduced time to resolution, and shorter network downtime.”


Jawed Akhtar

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