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iYogi Launches Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Platform Based On Microsoft Azure


iYogi has launched its enterprise grade IoT platform called “Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Platform”, built on Microsoft Azure. Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Platform is the latest version of DSC, the SaaS based digital device management platform.

Innovators can make use of this platform to deploy, monitor and auto-manage their products across millions of end users, simply integrate their products with the rising IoT ecosystem, and use its superior analytics capabilities to build and accelerate their global growth strategies. The platform also incorporates the maximum data security and privacy standards.

It uses various Azure modules including:

  1. Azure Service Bus
  2. Azure Event Hub
  3. Azure DocumentDB
  4. Azure Machine Learning

Anil Reddy, Head – Strategy, Microsoft India said, “As IoT moves towards becoming an essential fabric of business, our partners are doing very interesting things with Microsoft Azure. Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Platform is a good example of global innovation. It builds on Azure’s capabilities and can help IoT companies rapidly reach millions of customers across the globe. This will jump start innovation in IoT, amongst businesses of all sizes and maturity, across a variety of segments. This would help them serve their customers better by building on newer scenarios and capabilities enabled by IoT and Microsoft Azure.”

Digital Service Cloud

Commenting on the launch of the platform, Uday Challu, CEO of iYogi said, “Recognizing the potential economic and social impact of IoT, the global technology industry is witnessing a burst of innovation. A platform that brings this innovation ecosystem together is essential to propel the industry further.”

“More than four years, and $35 million have gone into the development of our platform – and we believe this is exactly what is needed by IoT innovators. It’s easy to set up, and can scale from one-digit to over a million transactions quickly,” he further added.

It’s worth mentioning that, under this program; start-ups can use the platform for free, for up-to one million devices, and will get added resources and development support.

In near future, the company also plans to generate a showcase of more than 100 IoT solutions.



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