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Johnson Electric & Cortica Establish Lean AI for Quality Inspection

Johnson Electric Group and Cortica Group have inaugurated Lean AI, a joint venture to build an Autonomous Inspection System set to revolutionize the Quality Inspection Market.

Johnson Electric Lean AI is a game-changing startup that will leverage Johnson Electric’s vast knowledge and experience in manufacturing processes and Cortica’s unique Autonomous AI Technology to revolutionize the visual inspection market.

“With the power of Cortica’s Autonomous AI technology, and JE’s vast knowledge of the market, Lean AI will deliver a product that reduces the cost of human error when it comes to quality inspection in manufacturing and address the vulnerabilities in the current market,” said Karina Odinaev, CEO of Lean AI.

“Johnson Electric is very excited to announce this new joint venture with Cortica. We are fully aware of the fundamental challenges accompanying the deployment of AI-based quality assurance software in the production environment, especially in terms of speed of deployment and reliability over time,” said Austin Wang, Senior Vice President of Johnson Electric. “Cortica’s Autonomous AI technology can address a lot of these major headaches and allow for much faster and broader adoption.”

“Cortica has developed self-learning AI that is fundamentally different from traditional deep learning systems. Autonomous AI Technology operates like a human brain – it’s not a fixed system; instead, it continuously adapts itself to various scenarios and learns online in real-time. Its technology requires far less computing power, can be deployed at a fraction of the cost, and provides far superior performance outcomes,” said Igal Raichelgauz, Founder and Chairman of Cortica. “Our technology is robust and generic and applicable within a multitude of signal domains such as visual, audio, time series and other domains; visual inspection is only the beginning. Autonomous AI technology is quickly becoming the benchmark for the industry.”

Further commenting on the formation of Lean AI, Austin Wang said: “Johnson Electric’s deep experience in a wide range of manufacturing processes offers a unique platform for developing this technology for commercial use. The joint venture is also opening a new avenue for Johnson Electric to develop and market software offerings. It is therefore both a technological as well as business model innovation for us. There are also opportunities to apply the technology in predictive quality and expert systems as well. This is the second investment of Johnson Electric in Israeli technology and we will continue to assess such relevant opportunities.”

Lean AI’s technology surpasses existing challenges of prevalent supervised Deep Learning-Based Quality Assurance Systems with the power of unsupervised learning to process information within a fraction of a second, utilizes unlabeled data, applies predictive quality assurance, and compiles data that increases the speed of deployment and scaling.


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