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Jupiter Systems largesse collaborative visualization solution

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ORLANDO, USA: Jupiter Systems went on to demonstrate the Canvas 2.0 suite, the new-fangled generation of its visual business intelligence software aimed at the enterprise.

canvasCanvas facilitates customers to access all of the visual information in the corporate network-camera feeds and real time data-and share it with remote colleagues on virtually any device. A rich set of collaboration tools lets users to manage and to be able to monitor global operations ranging from supply chain management, to production, sales, and distribution.

Canvas empowers managers of global enterprises to access essential information, communicate and solve problem in real time, anywhere, on almost any device, as in the mode that all of the participants were gathered in one place.

Canvas is well suited to the needs of the enterprise and government agencies across industries, comprising education and training, followed by security, defense, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, public safety, public and private utilities, traffic and transportation, and finance.

Investing in Canvas solutions does not require a complete overhaul of an organization’s standing visualization system – in its place; Canvas can be an add-on to prevailing UCC products and infrastructure. Canvas is directly connected to sources of critical business information and can supplement a layer of rich context and interaction to products from more traditional collaboration vendors, reading in the order as Cisco, Microsoft, Polycom or Avaya.

Rather than the more general collaboration capabilities (apps, screen sharing, conferencing, IM, mobile clients, and telepresence), Jupiter’s Canvas excels in its aptitude to handle large volumes of real-time media streams, including live video of operations and business intelligence data.

Jupiter’s Canvas also assists collaboration with large groups, multiple sub-groups, and transient participants simultaneously.

Canvas affords access to information when and where it is needed, along with powerful tools for multisite collaboration, and is principally useful in operations that necessitate dynamic monitoring and rapid response to real time events.

Canvas enables more productive meetings with remote participants, collaboration with external organizations or individuals, and greater efficacy where mobility and the preference to “bring your own device” is the key.

Canvas is an optimal solution for a variety of situations such as engagement with distant experts, management and monitoring of global operations, supply chain management, distribution, and remote service and support where traditional UCC capabilities, such as conferencing, document sharing, and IM, fall short of the task.


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