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Kaspersky Lab Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Attempts to Set A Record

Kaspersky partners with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College in ambitious education drive to protect digital identity and assets for a mobile centric population


Kaspersky Lab is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is on an attempt to set a Malaysian record for the Most Number of Anti-Virus for Mobile Devices Activated in an Event. Kaspersky is set to partner with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) to educate and encourage students about the urgent need to protect their digital assets and identity; beginning with their mobile devices.

The brand is targeting to secure 1,500 devices with its Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and Kaspersky Password Managers for iOS devices on June 5th in the university college.

Malaysian digital sales trends mirror global sales with smartphones having a 54.2% market share compared to 42.67% for desktop sales. Based on a study last year, Malaysia is a mobile-oriented society with smartphones being the primary internet access device for 89.4% of users– the 28.5million mobile broadband subscriptions in 2016 further support this conclusion.

“Mobile devices specifically smartphones are now the primary Internet access device for most of the world’s Internet users. Cybercriminals know this and have shifted their focus to targeting smart devices such as phones and tablets because these devices have become the hub for sensitive personal data. This attempt for a Malaysian record is aimed at driving home the awareness of just how vulnerable these devices are, and why users need to actively protect these devices,” said Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager, SEA, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab’s attempt to enter the Malaysian Book of Records for the most downloads of mobile security software will be held on June 5th, 2018 from 10 am to 4 pm at TAR UC’s main campus in Setapak. All TAR UC students are invited and encouraged to participate and get their mobile devices protected for free. To further add to the celebratory vibe, Kaspersky Lab will be rewarding lucky users with Xiaomi smartphones, Apple iPad, Bose Bluetooth speaker, JBL earphones and more, worth more than RM5,000 to facilitate and accessorize their digital lifestyles.

“The strength of TAR UC’s education lies in it being professionally driven, entrepreneurship-focused and industry-relevant. As a 50-year-old institution, we embrace technology and are committed to engaging and equipping our students with the basics of digital security and well-being, with the aim of preparing them for a smooth transition into the working population. This campaign by Kaspersky Lab is highly relevant to the needs of all Malaysians, especially mobile-centric youth,” said Datuk Dr. Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC.

A spokesperson for the Malaysian Book of Records said “Thus far no other applicant has attempted to set a record for the most number of anti-virus for mobile device activated in an event. Kaspersky Lab and TAR UC have agreed to a target of 1,500 devices to set this record. We applaud their emphasis on educating students on the need for better digital protection and safety and wish them success in achieving this target, and hopefully exceeding it as well.”

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