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Kaspersky’s Endpoint Security for Windows earns AAA grade and becomes best performer

Kaspersky Lab Anti virus

Kaspersky has announced that its Endpoint Security solution for Windows has given the best performance and has earned the AAA grade in the test of business security products conducted by Dennis Technology Labs in Q2 2014. The Dennis Technology Labs’ testing methodology comprises of several tests, which helps in reviewing the quality of the protection provided. It further assess as how good the participating products are at identifying non-hazardous objects.

The first Protection Rating Index highlights the effectiveness of the product in encountering contemporary threats. If the security solution is capable of detecting the launch of malicious code, neutralizing its actions and removing all the consequences of its operation from the system, it is given one, two or three points respectively. If the solution proves unable to counter the threat, it loses 5 points. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows successfully protected against 99% of the threats and earned 292 points – the highest score of any competing product in the Protection Rating test.

On the other hand, the Legitimate Software Rating index analysis that how the security solution classifies objects known to be non-hazardous: as secure, unknown, unclassifiable, suspicious, unwanted or malicious, as well as the actions the products takes or recommends the user to take. The highest score is given to the product which allows legitimate software to be installed without asking for any human involvement. In this segment also Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows successfully identified all the legitimate programs and did not interfere with their installation, earning 858 points.

Speaking about the achievement, Oleg Ishanov, Director of the Anti-Malware Research Unit at Kaspersky Lab said, “In today’s business, the continuity of workflow processes is crucial to success. To ensure that continuity, effective counter-measures against malware as well as unimpeded operation of legitimate applications are required. As this testing has demonstrated, Kaspersky Lab’s technologies are highly capable at both of these tasks.”

In total the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows earned a total of 1150 points and became the undisputed champion in this test and receiving the AAA certificate.


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