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Keeping Your New Connected Car Protected

Connected CarAs we have entered the year 2020 many imagined when we were a child that there would be flying cars by now. Although we haven’t quite made it to that point, we have reached the point of electronic cars. Even if you don’t have an electronic car, newer car models of today are made not just for driving but have full-on computers on the inside. These cars, or connected cars, even feature their own ability to access the internet and connect to other devices. So what happens if you are on the road and something malfunctions? There aren’t many mobile mechanics or local auto shops that are as knowledgeable about connected cars and emergency fixes just yet because the cars are still relatively new on the market. Below are a few things you can do if your connected car suddenly doesn’t want to connect. Below are a few options to prevent malfunctions and help if you do have one to keep you connected and driving.

Diagnostic in the Palm of Your Hand

For older car models, getting a diagnostic usually consists of checking the engine light, the battery, or checking fluids, which are areas where mechanics typically can find the problem and fix it in no time. However, with connected cars, a mechanic can overlook the problem in their diagnostics because it can very much be rooted in the car’s computer, which is something that can’t be quickly checked like a regular car diagnostic. To figure out what could be wrong in a connected car’s dash you would have to go to a specialized mechanic who most likely to pull out a laptop.

 If you can’t get to a specialized mechanic, technology has allowed us to do a diagnostic on a connected car right on our phones with a few apps. The Automobile Association has a smartphone app called Car Genie that can help identify any risk your car may have of breaking down. There are two more apps available for mobile devices called Car Doctor and Engie that notify their driver might have some potential issues in their connected car.

Prevent Your Smart Car from Being Outsmarted

One negative aspect of having a connected car is that it is liable to be broken into, not just by physical car robbers but by hackers. Since smart cards have the ability to connect to other devices and the internet outside of the car, hackers have another opportunity to hack into your car’s system and not only get any personal information from your phone that’s connected to your car but also your exact location. For example, while having apps to let you know when something is wrong with your car is a great tool to use, it could also be an open window for potential hackers to get into your car’s system and your phone.

There are some connected car solutions that can provide software specifically for your vehicle to prevent hackers from getting in. Just like with any new device that has innovative technology, manufacturers have to figure out ways to work out the kinks that hackers may find. In the meantime, as a driver, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the opportunities you do have to protect your car.


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