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Keysight Received New Security Certifications

Keysight Technologies has received new security certifications for its full Vision portfolio of network packet brokers (NPB) which enable Federal and Regulated industries to strengthen network visibility and security.

These security certifications allow Keysight to provide government agencies with advanced network visibility for protecting systems, networks and programs from digital attacks.

Cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.

It’s Vision portfolio of NPBs deliver real-time, end-to-end dynamic network intelligence for physical, virtual, software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) based infrastructure. They deliver control, coverage and performance seamlessly to protect and improve critical networking, data center and cloud business assets. As a result of an improved understanding of the network and data center, IT teams can quickly resolve performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot problems, and improve data center automation, as well as maximize utilization of expensive network analysis and security tools.

“Keysight is committed to helping government agencies and other regulated organizations worldwide protect their networks and data,” said Kelly Ambriz, government solutions unit leader of Keysight’s Network Applications & Security group. “This accomplishment signifies that Keysight’s Vision NPBs meet the stringent security requirements of government agencies and serves as a clear demonstration of our support for the government market.”

“Lightship Security is a trusted leader in the product security certification industry. We congratulate Keysight on achieving another federal standards milestone for its Vision portfolio of Network Packet Brokers,” said Jason Lawlor, president of Lightship Security. “We are pleased to have successfully guided Keysight through the Common Criteria NDcPP v2.1 certification process, where their knowledge and experience in the visibility and security solutions will allow government agencies to have multiple sources from which to choose.”

“Tachyon Dynamics is a leader in the IT consulting services in the product security certification ecosystem. We congratulate Keysight on achieving another federal standards milestone for Keysight’s Vision portfolio of network packet brokers. We are pleased to guide Keysight through the DoDIN APL Certification. Keysight’s expertise in visibility and security solutions offers government agencies choice in their visibility and security solutions,” said Jeremy Duncan, managing partner, Tachyon Dynamics.

“Visibility and security are priorities for government agencies. Federally recognized security certifications provide strong assurance that their network visibility and security requirements are met. As a leader in the product security certification ecosystem for FIPS 140-2, KeyPair Consulting congratulates Keysight on achieving another certification milestone for the Keysight Vision portfolio of network packet brokers. We are proud to assist Keysight in achieving their certification goal,” said Mark Minnoch, co-founder, KeyPair Consulting.


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