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Keysight Collaborates with CUSTOMCELLS

Keysight Technologies has announced that CUSTOMCELLS will install Keysight’s battery cell formation line in its manufacturing facility in Tübingen, Germany.

keysight technologiesThe collaboration also includes the development and validation of new algorithms, software, instrumentation, and formation/measurement methods.

Keysight’s cell formation line provides CUSTOMCELLS with state-of-the-art industrial cell formation, including quality measurements, such as direct measurement of cell self-discharge and cell impedance spectroscopy.

Keysight also provided CUSTOMCELLS a wide range of pouch cell form factors.  Keysight’s battery cell formation line is designed to form pouch cells of up to 200 millimeters (mm) x 200 mm in pressure trays undergoing various formation processes and cycles.

Keysight’s cell formation software will link together all formation and measurement stations to provide secure, web-based control and access to data collected during the formation process.

“We are committed to supporting the electrification of vehicles by helping to develop and manufacture advanced battery cells,” said Thomas Goetzl, general manager of Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions business unit.

“The company’s state-of-the-art formation electronics, measurements, fixturing, and software will enable CUSTOMCELLS to produce innovative cells using a process that addresses current and future customer needs.”

In addition, Keysight will provide CUSTOMCELLS a platform for cooperative invention and deployment of next generation manufacturing solutions, including power electronics as well as fixturing and software components, enabling a state-of-the-art battery cell manufacturing process for pouch cells in a variety of sizes.

“Our mission is to produce special application, tailor-made cells that meet our customer’s unique requirements. The Keysight solution gives us the flexibility we need to support that mission and enable full traceability,” said Leopold König, CEO of CUSTOMCELLS.

“The close proximity of our locations in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, allows us to further develop our cooperative approach with Keysight, based on respective battery cell domain expertise and special know-how to address future customer requirements.”

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