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Keysight Introduces New Regenerative Power Supplies

Keysight Technologies has announced it is expanding the company’s RP7900 Series with two new bidirectional, regenerative DC power supplies providing integrated safety features that protect people and devices under test (DUT).

keysight technologiesThe unique regenerative design of the new models enables the energy normally consumed to be returned to the grid cleanly, saving costs associated with energy consumption and cooling.

The automotive industry is using larger batteries to extend the range of electric vehicles (EV) and higher voltage electronics to reduce charging time. In fact, MarketsandMarkets estimates nearly 39 percent CAGR growth by 2020 for high voltage batteries to support longer range cars and larger electric vehicles including buses and trucks.

As the demand for high power grows, so does the need for high power test equipment. However, high power applications in aerospace defense and infrastructure, as well as automotive and energy, present unique challenges spanning site preparation necessities and safety requirements when transitioning from low power to high power.

Keysight’s RP7900 is a part of the company’s HEV/EV Power Converter Test Solutions which enable customers to deploy high-voltage, high-power solutions that meet the fast paced, high-growth demands of the hybrid-electric/electric vehicle (HEV/EV) market.

By combining the seamless source and load functionality into a compact 3U-high package, Keysight’s RP7900 Series of regenerative power supplies minimizes high-power test costs by shrinking floor space usage, reducing heat dissipation and maintaining uptime.


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