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Keysight Presents Eggplant Salesforce Solution

Keysight Technologies has unveiled a new artificial-intelligence (AI) powered Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform, which automates the testing of Salesforce deployments helping accelerate the delivery and quality.

Keysight As environments grow more complex and interconnected, organizations need continuous test automation that is easy to integrate and scale.

“Salesforce is used pervasively across the globe and organizations can tap into our AI-powered platform to automate the testing, saving valuable time,” stated Gareth Smith, Eggplant General Manager. “This will accelerate the delivery of high-quality business applications, which is mission-critical in a digital-first world. These enhancements demonstrate our ability to intelligently automate every aspect of the testing lifecycle and deliver high-quality software at speed.”

With Salesforce applications underpinning many business interactions, ensuring the performance of the software is vital.

Keysight’s Eggplant DAI platform seamlessly connects with Salesforce and auto-generates and customizes the assets and scripts needed to test any Lightning or Classic deployment. This intelligent automation ensures that the applications work exactly as users expect across platforms and devices.

Other new features added to Keysight’s Eggplant DAI platform include:

  • Bug hunting heatmap: This enables users to quickly identify failure hotspots and redirect testing efforts to these areas to find and fix any software flaws.
  • Enhanced security: Using the system’s local keychain to store and retrieve confidential information enhances encryption, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities.
  • Test case visualization: Users can now visualize their test cases, providing a quick and easy view of the paths covered during testing. This further accelerates the speed of testing.
  • Faster insights: User journey analytics are updated every 24 hours and presented in a dashboard covering an expanded range of data points. Organizations now have faster and more comprehensive insights into software quality.


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