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Keysight Introduces Test Asset Optimization Services to Save CapEx and Avoid Downtime with Utilization and Health Monitoring

Keysight’s new Test Asset Optimization Services dramatically improves return on test investment and decreases capital and operating expenses for equipment used in R&D and manufacturing

Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies announced Test Asset Optimization Services, the industry’s first integrated solution that measures in real-time, asset true utilization and health.

Keysight’s Test Asset Optimization Services eliminate the need for companies to assign personnel to manually record when instruments are in use and making measurements and enable the customers to dramatically improve return on investments by optimizing capital and operating expenses to meet test demands in research and development through manufacturing.

Keysight understands the pressures of the test budgets that are often insufficient to fund projects, yet the test departments are pressured to do more with less, the reason behind the introduction of Test Asset Optimization Services is to help companies move from just tracking their test equipment to gaining full control over their test equipment.

Keysight test technology

Keysight’s integrated service enables customers to unlock hidden costs with real-time test-asset utilization, equipment health status, and overall recommendations on areas for savings. Providing actionable transparency on multi-brand test assets, enables companies to make informed decisions on current and future procurement.

An integral part of Test Asset Optimization Services is PathWave Asset Advisor software, which is available cloud-hosted or on-premises. PathWave Asset Advisor software tracks and controls test assets , monitors utilization and health of selected assets and allows loan pool capabilities for targeted assets.

The cloud-hosted PathWave Asset Advisor software is available in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud, offering customers fast, and up-to-date functionality as well as reliable and secure web access to manage their assets. As a cloud-hosted solution, it eliminates the time and costs associated with IT network administration and data storage overhead.

The on-premise solution of PathWave Asset Advisor software resides on a server and behind the companies’ firewall. It operates in a standalone mode, with all the essential features for importing and exporting information.

Test Asset Optimization Services is an integrated approach that improves return on test investment in three steps.

 1. See.Track assets to see where they are and manage their compliance with Track and Control Services, enabling customers to:

  • Keep track of multi-brand test assets across labs, locations, and users.
  • Reduce time spent on physical inventory counts and compliance audits.
  • Easily track the movement of crucial instruments using active and passive technologies.

2. Know.Monitor test equipment to determine physical condition and true utilization with Utilization and Health Services, enabling customers to:

  • Increase utilization of tests assets across users, programs, and departments.
  • Identify unhealthy instruments and remedy the situation before it causes broader problems.
  • Fund new technology investments with value captured from underutilized assets.

 3. Optimize. Share equipment across teams to optimize your test assets by using real-time, actionable information with Loan Pool Services enabling customers to:

  • Avoid CapEx spending on tests assets by optimizing, standardizing, or sharing across R&D labs and manufacturing operations.
  • Eliminate aging or underutilized equipment and reduce OpEx costs for maintenance, taxes, insurance, and overhead.
  • Leverage the residual market value of aging instruments through trade-in, upgrade, and disposal.

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