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Kilowott Aims to Behemoth Digital Presence in the Country

Aaron-Fernandes Founded by Fernandez brothers in 2014, Kilowott has partnered with some amazing brands and F500 companies helping them grow and cement connections with their customers, and convert clicks to customers. They have operations in North America, Norway, Denmark, Holland and India, and have engaged with 2000+ projects globally.  The company’s mission is to blend digital and design seamlessly to craft enduring digital user experiences that have a direct impact on its customers’ business outcomes. Kilowott works closely with its clients to build customer experiences across all platforms and brand touch points. They are working across platforms, disciplines and industries, their approach is based on a deep understanding of the interplay between design, technology and the needs of the clients. While talking with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Aaron Fernandez, Co-Founder, Kilowott elaborates the acceptance of digital transformation and its demand among industry leaders. Killowott is driven to achieve its goal of becoming a global digital behemoth while remaining firmly rooted in Goan soil, says Fernandez. 

Kindly explain Kilowott and its special offerings.

Customer journey mapping, customer experience process evaluation and surveys consulting, assessment, roadmap ideation and modeling with use cases, brand positioning and go-to-market strategy, brand identity development, concept design, and prototyping are all services offered by ‘Kilowott.’ All of the strategies are tailor-made based on real-world data analysis, down to the tiniest detail, and are created using cutting-edge technology.

We specialize in website design, wearable apps, mobile apps, and mobile games, as well as UI/UX development. Kilowott enables design features including augmented reality, virtual reality, analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things in order to construct digital interfaces (IoT). With an increased demand for digital products, the company has completed over 2,500 design and development projects to date.

What are your plans for putting Goa on the IT map?

Goa is home to us and it is also shaping up as an emerging hub for IT companies. Our personal journey as entrepreneurs started in Goa. Along with my brothers Judah and Caleb, we established this company and built it from the ground up. We started with two employees in 2015. Today we are a company with 170+ employees offering cutting-edge technological offerings to a global clientele.

The setting up of Kilowott’s headquarters in Goa is also in a way, our opportunity to give back to this state where we have our roots.

Our comprehensive products include CX (customer experience) solutions, augmented reality, virtual reality, and next-generation technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things to deliver digital interfaces to businesses across industries. We have amassed extensive experience in industries such as construction, fintech, pharma, and automobiles throughout the years. Kilowott has built unique solutions for various clients, including some on the Fortune 500 list, and has assisted them in benefiting from superior customer and employee experiences.  We are broadening our horizons and brainstorming ideas for a variety of initiatives with a focus on problem-solving.

How to improve the human experience for customers in a tech-enabled world?

Customer trust and loyalty are critical for establishing and growing a successful organization. As a service, experience is the ability to provide each of your customers with a unique, personalized experience – to utilize technology to overcome the empathy gap that exists in most consumer interactions. It’s based on data, and it’s designed to make your consumers feel remembered and heard. Then artificial intelligence (AI)-powered insights help them understand their desires and demands. Companies must rethink how they manage employee and company success in the emerging “low touch” remote working economy. Human connection is more important than ever, and we need solutions that safeguard mental health while also focusing on organizational growth and performance. Now is the moment to use digital engagement technologies to develop individualized experiences for customers. Some of the most promising technologies and how they help organizations better serve customers.


Chatbots are the latest business revolution. Businesses can better handle customer care with AI-powered chatbots. These virtual assistants provide businesses with quick customer service support. A chatbot can give instant service via phone, mobile app, instant messaging, SMS, or website. The short response time of these bots improves consumer happiness and experience with a firm.

Artificial Intelligence

Its immense potential for business growth has swept the business landscape. By using AI tools, firms may automate business processes and engage in personalized discussions with customers.

Automation is empowering customer service discussions and increases organizational decision-making capacities. Customers will be more satisfied if humans use AI to help them.

Big Data Analytics

This is where big data analytics can help a company. With big data analytics, rising firms can easily obtain valuable consumer insights to create personalized services. Personalization helps a company establish a loyal customer base and increase income over time.

Big data analytics is revolutionizing customer service. The technology helps a brand/business understand customers’ concerns, goals, and expectations, allowing for faster resolution and personalized solutions.

IoT (IoT)

De facto, according to numerous scientific research and industry polls, businesses will be the biggest benefactors and adopters of IoT solutions in the future Many companies are aggressively implementing IoT solutions to delight customers by lowering operational costs and increasing efficiency. By combining digital and physical activities, IoT solutions can effectively promote a business’s service or product across several platforms.

Business customer experience is being transformed by current technology. With the help of new technologies, many firms have already benefited.

Virtual Reality

Today’s businesses are redefining consumer experiences using virtual reality. Virtual reality has the ability to revolutionize the consumer experience.No other modern technology catches the attention, imagination, and senses as VR does.

At Kilowott, Kilowott has created tailored solutions for a variety of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, to help them achieve outstanding customer and employee experiences. We’re widening our views and generating ideas for a variety of projects with a problem-solving focus.

How Kilowott is using design elements such as CX, AR, VR, and futuristic technologies like analytics, AI, IoT?

Several apps are being developed and released onto the market these days, and many of them are quickly becoming obsolete. Recognizing the need for these apps to deliver more value to users, Kilowott has been developing apps that tackle a specific need and are long-term in nature employing the aforementioned technologies. We consider digitization, automation, and problem-solving in everything we build today. We use design components such as CX, AR, VR, and next-generation technologies such as analytics, AI, and IoT to develop seamless digital interfaces and operations that greatly enhance customers’ business growth and profitability. All of the techniques are customized based on authentic data analysis, down to the tiniest detail, and are created with cutting-edge technology. We work closely with our clients to provide customer experiences that encompass many platforms and brand touchpoints. Working across platforms, disciplines, and sectors, our framework is based on a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between design, technology, and the demands of our clients.

How was the market situation during the pandemic and what are your plans to cope up with such situations?

Kilowott was established to bridge the gap left by the absence of full-service organizations in the technology sector.  Kilowott delivers a diverse range of products and outstanding insights based on deep knowledge and experience to its customers. We are a professional team that creates customized digital transformation and operational solutions that combine design elements like CX, AR, and VR, as well as technologies like analytics, AI, IoT, and other such tools to improve the customer experience. The year 2020 saw dramatic developments all around the world. The human race is still adjusting to a “new normal.” We at ‘Nordic Intent’ welcomed the shift. We have now streamlined and integrated some of our services into a single business called ‘Kilowott.’ Our primary idea, however, remains the same — to provide cutting-edge digital solutions in a worldwide marketplace to improve the digital consumer experience.

Kindly share your future marketing strategies.

The number of brands interested in boosting their digital presence across continents has increased significantly. We see potential and have adjusted our strategy to meet the needs of the global business community.

While Goa will continue to stay a preferred base for the organization, Kilowott is attracting talent from all over the world. Nitish Raikar, who will handle operations and profitability, has recently joined our team. Nitish, an XLRI Jamshedpur alumnus has over two decades of IT industry expertise, having worked with firms such as IBM, Infosys, and Mindtree, among others. With production and operations in Goa and marketing offices in Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany, Kilowott is currently striving to create a presence in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, both of which have a massive pool of animation talent. We plan to expand ‘Kilowott’ to 500 employees in the near future. Kilowott, led by a strong leadership team, is driven to achieve its goal of becoming a global digital behemoth while remaining firmly rooted in Goan soil.

Kindly highlight your upcoming project.

We see tremendous potential for growth in mobile games and animation. Several mobile applications have been gamified by us. We are now developing expertise in this area and aim to take on further projects in near future. We have also developed a wearables application. This segment is rapidly evolving, owing to the increasing fitness culture. It will open up more opportunities for us in the near future.

We are working on a number of interesting projects with international clients largely in Europe, however, NDA’s don’t allow us to speak about it.

How does Kilowott differentiate itself from other AI companies?

We noticed that very few organizations, particularly in Goa, offered a comprehensive variety of IT-related services. That’s when we realized this was going to be Kilowott’s GTM strategy. The amalgamation of multiple services into a single platform via which clients can obtain a plethora of solutions is Kilowott’s unique selling point. Our impeccable insights, resulting from a thorough understanding of core markets, provide us an advantage over others. Kilowott’s prime objective is to seamlessly integrate digital and design to produce enduring digital user experiences that have a direct impact on customers’ business goals. We believe that effective communication with customers and product positioning are two of the most important business mantras.


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