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element14 Now Stocks KOA’s Passive Components

element14 has expanded its market-leading passive component portfolio with KOA Europe GmbH (KOA)’s a full range of around 2400 lines, all in-stock for delivery in APAC.

KOAKOA is a leading global manufacturer of passive component solutions, specializing in thick film and thin film resistors for high-reliability applications such as industrial, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and medical, as well as more commercial markets.

Simon Meadmore, Global Head of IP&E at element14, says: “KOA continues to innovate and optimize its passive component solutions, ensuring engineers can easily overcome design and performance challenges. Our customers now have access to the highest quality passive components for automotive, environmental, industrial, medical and telecommunication applications as well as energy-saving devices, home appliances, power supply units and more. The depth and breadth of KOA’s market-leading range of chip resistors greatly enhance element14’s world-class portfolio of more than 360,000 passive components.”

Its broad portfolio includes high-reliability thin-film, pulse tolerant/anti-surge thick film, shunts / current sense, high voltage and wide terminal resistors.

KOA’s full range of passive component solutions now available from element14 include:

  • High-reliability thin-film resistors – With a T.C.R down to ±5 ppm and tolerance as low as ±0.05 %, KOA’s thin-film resistors are ideal for high precision circuits such as control and monitoring in industrial, medical and automotive applications. The RN73R series provides improved resistance to electrolytic corrosion, a wide operating temperature range from -55°C to +155°C and high stability compared to previous versions.
  • Pulse tolerant and anti-surge resistors – The SG73 series is an ideal solution for protecting electronic circuits against extreme pulses and surges, especially in I/O protection, snubber and gate drive circuits. It has a pulse handling capability up to 10 times higher than standard flat chip resistors, making it suitable for use in automotive electronics, power supplies, motor control and more.
  • Wide terminal resistors for high power density – The WK73R series features wide terminals on the long side of the resistor allowing for up to three times the power rating of a similar-sized part with conventional terminations.
  • Current sensing resistors – KOA’s TLR series of current sensing resistors offer the high reliability and performance required for power control circuits such as motor control units, DC-DC converters, CPU current sensing and pulse applications.


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