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Koh Young to Exhibit at Productronica 2021 in Germany

Koh Young has declared that it will highlight live demonstrations of its award-winning inspection and measurement solutions at Productronica 2021, the highly-anticipated trade fair in Messe München on November 16-19, 2021 in Munich, Germany.

Koh Young This world’s leading international trade fair occurs every two years and despite COVID-19 circumstances, the Bavarian Region of Germany allowed exhibitions to take place around September.

Both will be able to enjoy the show and meet face-to-face after a lengthy lockdown. Koh Young will highlight ten award-winning solutions at Booth 377 Hall A2. Some of those are:

  1. Neptune C+: Award-winning True 3D In-Line Dispensing Process Inspection (DPI) Solution
  • True 3D Profiling: Using patented technologies, the Neptune C+ is the industry’s first 3D inline DPI with thickness measurement for transparent material. The system allows manufacturers to explore the depths of its process to accurately find defects with 2D, 3D, and cross-section views.
  • AI-Powered, Bubble Inspection Capabilities: With its proprietary machine learning technology, the Neptune C+ offers enhanced inspection capabilities enabling autonomous bubble inspection without manual teaching or endless fine-tuning.
  1. Neptune T: Industry’s First 3D Optical Measurement for Transparent Materials
  • Non-Destructive 3D Inspection of Coating Thickness: The Neptune T is the industry’s first 3D optical measurement instrument for transparent materials. Like the Neptune C+, it is available for coating, underfill, epoxy, glue, and bonding material inspection.
  • Accurate Thickness Measurement: The Neptune T measures the thickness of transparent and semi-transparent materials using multiple inspection points.
  1. Zenith 2: Revolutionary True 3D AOI Delivering Incomparable Capabilities
  • Powerful Side-View Cameras: The Zenith 2 incorporates high-resolution side-view cameras to quickly identify, measure, and analyze potential defects on hidden or obscured components.
  • Self-Diagnosis: Predictive maintenance can reduce process interruptions, enhance equipment uptime, and ensure machine performance to assist operators.
  1. Zenith UHS: Industry’s Fastest True 3D AOI Solution
  • Ultra-High-Speed Inspection: The Zenith UHS measures components at an even higher speed than before without compromising inspection accuracy and repeatability across a wide range of production defects.
  • Advanced Tall Component Inspection: The Zenith UHS overcomes shadow challenges by incorporating a multi-projection Moiré interferometry system to provide an advanced component inspection.
  1. Zenith Alpha: Best Value True 3D Automated Optical Inspection Solution
  • KAP (Koh Young Auto Programming): Using the power of our own AI engine and machine learning, the innovative geometry-based KAP software reduces programming to minimize time and reduce costs.
  • Whole-board Foreign Material Inspection (WFMI): Inspection goes beyond components and solder joints. The Zenith Alpha combines 2D with True 3D to identify foreign material such as chips, dust, burrs, solder balls, and other debris leading to costly field failures.
  1. KY8030-3: Industry’s Fastest True 3D Solder Paste Inspection Solution
  • Unmatched Inspection Speed: The KY8030-3 blends Koh Young’s pioneering technologies to provide unmatched inspection speeds.


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