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KOMAKI Transforming the EV Industry Towards Positive Change

gunjan, Director, Komaki Electric DivisionAfter spending 30 years in driveshaft and bearing industry, KOMAKI has tapped the EV industry in the year 2016. The Delhi based EV company has E-Scooty & E-Loader at a nominal price with a strong dealership network. During a chat with Nitisha from BISinfotech, Gunjan Malhotra, Director, KOMAKI-Electric division shares that the Komaki is leading the way in transforming the industry towards positive change by creating vehicles of stellar build quality and loaded with features relevant for the Indian consumers.. Here are the excerpts from the interview;

1. Please explain KOMAKI and its specialty. How does it define differently from other companies?

Komaki established its niche in the driveshaft and bearing industry 30 years ago and has carried that experience into the EV industry. Komaki believes firmly in its vision of a green India for everyone and is striving to provide its customers with ingenious eco-friendly vehicles at affordable prices. A stunning range of 9 low speed models and 3 high speed models stand testimony to Komaki’s commitment towards the same. All Komaki two-wheelers are packed with never-seen-before features that are not only innovative but also futuristic. Some of the most distinctive ones include regenerative braking system, repair switch, self-diagnosis system, reverse assist and many more.

2. Electric vehicles are the future. What makes it different and how do you see the market?

Fuel prices are skyrocketing and burning a hole in the common man’s pockets and the problem is compounded with a clear threat posed by global warming. At times like this it is our collective responsibility as a society to find a solution and fast. The answer is electric vehicles as they are not only more economical, but also noise and pollution free. Komaki is leading the way in transforming the industry towards positive change by creating vehicles of stellar build quality and loaded with features relevant for the Indian consumers.

3. Kindly highlight any unique project you are working on and also launch in the loop of coming time?

Komaki is contributing towards the Make in India mission with the launch of its electric cycle in February 2021. This advanced electric bicycle, as is with every Komaki make, will be equipped with features that will completely transform one’s perspective towards bicycles. We believe this high-tech bicycle will be perfect for commercial as well as leisurely use. Technology, utility, and fitness will converge with this launch.

4. How was the year 2019-2020 in terms of business? What will be your marketing strategy for the year 2021?

Despite the pandemic induced economic slowdown, the EV market saw robust performance. 2020 witnessed several major changes in lifestyle – the adoption of EVs being one of them. The need for adherence to social distancing norms which public transport cannot offer, led to a drop in operational frequency and also rising fuel prices. However, this created an increased demand for cost effective and performance efficient electric vehicles in the auto sector. Komaki sold more than 700 EVs in June 2020 alone and we expect 2021 to be promising as well. All in all, 2020 was a good year for the EV industry and we expect to see further growth as the government support for the same continues to rise.

5. As the Indian government has extensive plans for EV, what are your expectations? Please explain.

Reforms changed the GST levied on Li-ion batteries from 28% to 5%. Also, the newest budget introduced a Voluntary Scrappage Policy with incentives on new vehicles and stricter environmental norms. These reforms will provide a significant boost to the EV industry and strong growth is to be anticipated.

6. Apart from Indian market, are you planning to promote your product overseas also? If yes, please elaborate.

Komaki already has footprints across India – from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Rajasthan to Manipur. We expect to foray into international waters in mid 2021. The scope for EVs is of course unlimited and Komaki has already applied for certification to sell EVs in Europe and Canada.

7. During Covid-19 there was a huge loss in industry, how has KOMAKI handled the situation?

Despite the distressing pandemic, 2020 was a successful business year for Komaki. Top of the line build quality with innovative features have ensured that the company keeps growing with an increasing presence all over the country.


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