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KPIT Launches City & Utility Solution Accelerators Built on PTC ThingWorx Platform

kpit launches

KPIT Technologies has launched Smart accelerators for lights and meters. These accelerators are part of KPIT’s Smart Cities & Utilities Framework and are built on PTC’s ThingWorx platform.

KPIT’s Smart Cities & Utilities Framework includes services integrated with accelerators for smart cities and utilities to help the city, utility, and infrastructure administration quickly bring transformational changes and realize the value of digital technologies.

The Framework includes:

  • Infrastructure – Smart Buildings | City Infrastructure Management
  • Utilities – Smart Lights | Smart Meters (for Water, Gas, and Electricity)
  • Transportation – Smart Parking | Route Optimization | Intelligent Transportation
  • City Planning and Operations – Traffic Demand Modelling | Adaptive Traffic Signal

KPIT’s pre-built accelerators enable city operators and utility providers to improve city & utility operations and infrastructure. For example, the accelerator for Smart Buildings helps building managers and city department leaders improve energy efficiency, reduce downtime and service critical building equipment, and improve building efficiency. The KPIT Smart City & Utility accelerators provide a more pragmatic approach to solution development and implementation that can be tailor fit to solve specific problems and meet designated business outcomes.

“KPIT has chosen an accelerator-based deployment approach on PTC’s ThingWorx platform, which enables quicker implementation of smart city & utility initiatives,” said Probodh Chiplunkar, Head of Digital Business at KPIT. “Enabled by PTC’s ThingWorx platform, KPIT Smart Lights and Smart Meters Accelerators allow utility companies and counties to jointly work on optimizing energy usage on road infrastructure and save money by enabling features such as smart controlling, diming profile scheduling, alerts, and alarm management, remote diagnostics, and service excellence. The ThingWorx platform can rapidly integrate various Industrial IoT and business system technologies to deliver an agnostic, open, and flexible approach to solving Smart City & Utility challenges.”

“For city, property management, and utility leaders, it is critical to select a digital strategy that can meet your specific requirements and deliver your targeted outcomes, while delivering an open and flexible approach,” said Catherine Kniker, Chief Revenue Officer, IoT and AR, PTC. “KPIT’s accelerators will help customers rapidly deploy end-to-end industrial solutions on top of the ThingWorx platform to meet their specific needs.”

As the first PTC partner to have dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE) in multiple locations around the world, KPIT invites customers in the US to visit its recently launched CoE for PTC in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is a perfect environment in which to evaluate cutting-edge solutions in the areas of Smart Manufacturing and Connected Products, and Smart Cities & Utilities.

Further information, visit: Click here


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