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KUSAM-MECO Launches Battery Quality Analysis Solution

kusam meco Battery Quality Analysis SolutionKUSAM-MECO announces the newest addition to their large range of Digital Test & Measuring Instruments. The model KM 900 is single quick testing total Battery Quality Analysis solution. It is a super tool for UPS Battery Field Management. It provides Battery Health Analysis under system loading condition.

It can measure & display Impedance, Voltage, Temperature, Current & Capacity of Battery. It is the most useful Tool for UPS. Back up Batteries in Industrial System-Telecom, Renewal Energy Power Plant (Solar, Water, Wind), Recreational, Machine, Airplane, Military, Electric Vehicle & Battery related Industries (Manufacturing, Servicing of Batteries) of most Batteries including Lead Storage, Cells (Lead-Acid Batteries), Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, Lithium-ion Batteries & Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries.

It has abundant Data logging & accurate Trend Analysis Feature backed by Internal SD Card with storing capacity up to 7.5 million data in text & graphic mode.

AC (Four-Terminal) method is used to measure the internal resistance by eliminating lead resistance & Contact resistance to obtain accurate results. Multiple Display LCD screen shows internal resistance, voltage & temperature or voltage, current & temperature of the battery simultaneously. Its unique comparator function can provide reliable detection of battery deterioration.

For current measurements, AC & DC clamp adaptors are provided. It has Interface USB Host/Client 2.0. It has a large 4” 32+240 pixel. High-Resolution Monochrome LCD. The impedance measuring range is 4mΩ to 4Ω (4 ranges)/1µΩ resolution. The battery range is maximum 100V/ 1200Ah (model KM 900 basis) 3000Ah (model KM 900S Version). 6000Ah (model KM 900C). The voltage range is 4/40/300V. It can measure current (DC) 40/400A & AC Current (Ripple Current) 40/400A. Temperature measurement is -10°C to 100°C. Only model KM 900C has Capacity Measurement. The power supply is 7.2V, 2.7A NiMH Battery Pack. It can be used with AC Adaptor having output 12V/1A.

It is Handy size & Height Weight (Only 1.2kg). It is supplied with many accessories viz: 4 terminal Battery Test lead (pin type); Ni-MH Rechargeable battery pack (Installed), USB PC Interface Package (Program & User Manual in CD, USB Adjustment Bar, ADC Power Adaptor & Internal Charger, Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap. Optional accessories can be provided at extra cost viz 4 Terminal Battery Test lead (Clamp Type); ADC current Adaptor.

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