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Labcenter Pioneers Managed Cloud Licensing for Proteus Users

Labcenter Electronics has introduced a new cloud licensing solution for the Proteus Design Suite simulation and PCB layout software. This is delivered via a website portal for license management and a simple login interface within the Proteus software to access a seat.

Labcenter“Proteus is well known in education for helping students learn electronics, especially where access to lab facilities may be limited,” said John Jameson, Chairman and Chief Software architect. “Since the start of the pandemic, we have been working to create a licensing system that enables educational institutions to gain the maximum benefit from their investment in Proteus – especially where students need to work off-campus.”

Lecturers can administer the cloud license by logging into a website and creating groups with usernames and passwords. Seats from the license key can be permanently reserved to groups, or a calendar reservation system can be used to guarantee access at specific times and days. Any seats that are not reserved form a pool of licenses that are available for general use.

Meanwhile, students can install the full professional software package on their computers at home. They can start Proteus and log on with the group credentials they have been given. If seats are currently reserved for them they will have guaranteed access over the reservation period. At the end of the term, or as students move on, the lecturer can simply change the group passwords to provide access to the new student intake.


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