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LANXESS to Showcase its Solutions at Tire Technology Expo

The products are suitable for use in all product classes – from tires for cars, trucks and heavy goods vehicles right through to motorcycle tires.

LANXESS has announced that it will be presenting its versatile and sustainable solutions for tire production at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover from May 18 to 20, 2022.

LANXESSThe slogan of the specialty chemicals company for this year’s appearance at the exhibition is “Clean and efficient tire production”. To accompany the appearance, Dr. Tobias Lauterbach, Technical Manager Marketing & Sales Auxiliaries at the LANXESS Rhein Chemie business unit, will be delivering a presentation at 14:25 on May 18. Entitled “Clean and efficient tire curing – avoid sticking to the past”, he will provide insights into modern and sustainable methods for tire vulcanization.

Higher process efficiency thanks to permanently coated bladders

As the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber additives, LANXESS is also contributing its expertise in release agent technology through its permanently coated vulcanization bladders with the brand name Rhenoshape. This not only ensures that the bladders have a longer service life when vulcanizing tires. Process efficiency is improved, too, because the Rhenoshape bladders reduce the amount of material and work required considerably. They are suitable for use in all product classes – from tires for cars, trucks and heavy goods vehicles right through to motorcycle tires.

Ideal for run-flat tires

These specially coated bladders are especially suitable for the production of run-flat tires, which enable safe driving in the event of pressure loss. They do not require any additional release agents either on the bladder or on the tire inner liner in order to ensure a smooth molding process in the tire press. This enables a long bladder service life that can otherwise only be achieved by regularly adding release agents to the inner liner of the tire or to the bladder.

Better without silicone

Using permanently coated bladders eliminates the need to use silicone oils – with many benefits for the tire manufacturer. The processors are not subjected to silicones, and the vulcanization process is impaired less. In order to ensure adhesion of sealing layers, noise-reducing foam and sensors, the inner surfaces of the tires must undergo meticulous cleaning using a laser or chemicals. With permanently coated bladders, the effort required for this cleaning step can be reduced or the step can even be omitted completely.

Permanently coated Rhenoshape bladders can be combined with all subsequent coatings from LANXESS. Using them together with unfilled inside paints or semi-permanent products results in far smaller amounts of release agent being added compared with uncoated bladders.


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