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LAPCARE gives Safety Plan for Battery, Adaptor and Car Power Inverter

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NEW DELHI, INDIA: LAPCARE, originators of laptop peripherals and accessories meant for all first-rate laptop brands, presented LAPCARE Protection Plan for LAPCARE battery, adapter and car power inverters.

LAPCARE Protection Plan makes available assurance to the end users that the company will endure the repair and replacement charges in the event that any malfunction happens in the equipment by usage of the products.

In the instance of car power invertor, only the products that are charged by it will be covered. Cars or any other vehicle will not be covered under this program. LAPCARE will carry out the assessment of the damaged product and if needed also the location where the damage has occurred.

 A maximum amount of ten thousand in respect of claim will be made.

This warranty is valid in India till the warranty period stands as regards covered products.

LAPCARE Protection Plan is only for end consumer of the product and does not transfer any rights to any other person like dealer, distributor and retailer.


Process for filing a claim:

•Call Toll free number 18001200852 or email at [email protected] within the two days of the damage occurrence.

•Customers can even initiate the claim through our website www.lapcare .com

Ms. Barkha Bosman, Marketing Head at LAPCARE India Private Limited reportedly said, “The LAPCARE Protection Plan is one of the unique plans which we are providing to our users. LAPCARE is a customer centric organization and has been known for its after sales service, with this plan we are hopeful that our users will find this plan beneficial and will enhance our bonding with our customers. I am hopeful that LAPCARE protection Plan will add more vibrancy to our after sales service.”


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